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Bear Teriyaki Stir Fry

I never thought I would enjoy bear. It was such an out of the ordinary meat and we have only had it once in my household growing up. That was until my brother, James, waited nearly 14 years to earn enough Wisconsin bear points to harvest his own back in fall of 2016. 

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SMOKING FISH 101 - Fishing season is in full swing, and while there is nothing like fresh fish tacos, poke, or just grilled fish, smoking is the next best thing. Mix up some smoked salmon with cream cheese for a tasty dip, or smoked tuna with mayo and spread on crackers, or just snack on flaky trout around the campfire on your next camping trip. Hungry yet?

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RCG Recipes- Elk Meatloaf

Growing up, I absolutely hated meatloaf! As an adult, it’s one of my favorite meals. It’s easy to make, not terrible for you, and quite tasty. When making it, I typically just add ingredients, so below are estimates…adjust spices for your personal taste!

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