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2017 Deer Season and a few Big Lessons

I haven’t always been a hunter; it wasn’t until I met my husband that I was even interested in it, even though I’ve always been a wild game eater. Now, 3 years in to being a huntress, I couldn’t imagine my life without hunting. There is nothing quite like spending a day out in the back country. Even though I have been hunting for 3 years, 2017 was my hardest year so far for deer hunting.

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ReelCamoGirl will be featuring a few women who recently qualified as semi-finalists for the Extreme Huntress Competition. In its 10th season, The Extreme Huntress Competition continues to set the bar for serious outdoors women, while at the same time providing positive role models for women who are new to hunting, shooting and other traditional outdoor sports.

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My Twilight Buck

It was a cloudy, chilly day in December of 2017. I wanted to get out to my spot pretty early. I just had a feeling it would be a good hunt. Being 15 weeks pregnant, I needed to pace myself on getting out there as well. Got to see some early movement of several does and a little spike. After that I didn't see anything for about an hour, and by then it was getting dark. I was just about to pack up when I noticed a deer to my left. My heart began to race when I realized it was a buck with a decent wide rack and a big enough body.

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Copy of WILD CHILD by Josephine Pence

I never understood hunting. I never understood why one would get up at the crack of dawn and go sit in the cold with deer urine all around them. I never understood why one would spend hours in a tree stand with the slight promise of returning with meat. Truthfully, I was pretty terrified of killing and taking an animal's life. Now, at 25 years old, Ifinally understand.

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MEET THE TEAM. Behind the Scenes of ReelCamo Girl

Our team, made up of 10 ladies, has a wide variety of hunting, fishing, camping, diving and shooting experience. Our backgrounds, education, and talents are equally as diverse. We spotlight women in the outdoors and provide product reviews on our favorite items. You can find "How To's," Product Reviews, Wild Game Recipes, Affiliate Information, Conservation Articles, and how to connect on our website.  Often you can access great deals (not available to general public) on our partners' products. Have a question? Just ask. 

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Remembering My First the Safari Club International Las Vegas Convention