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hunters are true conservationists.

As women, we inspire and empower each other. As hunters, we are athletes, artists and warriors–and we all share the same unconditional love for nature and the outdoors! Hunters are true conservationists.  In fact, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, every year nearly $200 million dollars is distributed from the federal taxes paid by sportsmen and sportswomen to support wildlife management programs, the purchase of lands for habitat conservation, and hunter education and safety classes. We help restore and conserve habitat, all the while putting meat on the table and providing a sustainable lifestyle for our families. 


In 2001 only 10% of hunters were women. In 2013 women make up 19% of the hunting population. This was a growth from 1.8 million women hunters in 2001 to 3.3 million 2013 – National Shooting Sports Foundation


It’s exciting to be a part of the huntress movement–and a society where self-sufficient living is a natural and normal way of living for women and their families. But, still, there are skeptics in our world. That’s why, we post thought-provoking and educational articles and blog posts about hunting and fishing; they are all hand-picked from our Reel Camo Girls (YOU!) on a variety of perspectives for both country-loving huntresses and hunting critics.


Across the board, women are more independent than they’ve ever been, and they realize they are capable of hunting, says self-proclaimed “First Lady of Hunting, ” Brenda Valentine, a national spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation.


Part of our mission is to help educate people on the sports of hunting, fishing, archery and shooting. We believe that just because we hunt animals, doesn’t mean we don’t love them.


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