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RCG Recipes- Elk Meatloaf

Growing up, I absolutely hated meatloaf! As an adult, it’s one of my favorite meals. It’s easy to make, not terrible for you, and quite tasty. When making it, I typically just add ingredients, so below are estimates…adjust spices for your personal taste!

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A lot of people ask me what my favorite wild game meat is. If I had to pick, I would definitely say mountain lion. 

Not many people have tried mountain lion meat. If I had to describe it, it would be a cross between chicken and pork.

When you're done cooking it'll taste just like Chick-fil-a nuggets!

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Persimmon Pie Recipe

I had the wonderful privilege of picking fresh persimmons from a tree this fall. This delicate fruit isn’t offered in the grocery store where I live, so finding a persimmon tree is the only way to find these orange, thin-skinned beauties.

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