ICAST Sportfishing Tradeshow

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending my first ICAST trade show in Orlando, FL. It is the largest sportfishing industry show of its kind—attracting an average of 13,000-15,000 fish-minded attendees each year. I went to the event as a special correspondent for Shefishes2, a fishing blog managed by my friend and outdoor writer Debbie Hanson.

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Copy of How To: Prep for Deep Sea Fishing
  • First off, freshwater fishing is less commitment; you can get there when you want and leave when you want (which for me is still before sunrise until after sundown :-P).
  • Freshwater is also less expensive as you can shore fish if you'd like or possibly rent a boat if it's in your budget. Ocean fishing on a boat is more of an event, and unless you know someone with a boat, you'll need to save some money and plan a charter trip to get out there.
  • The biggest difference for me and my area though, is that ocean fishing allows me to go after some really, really, big fish. To me, this is completely worth the cost and effort put into these trips! Who wouldn't want to fill their freezer with some giant yellowtail or some ahi?
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Copy of WILD CHILD by Josephine Pence

I never understood hunting. I never understood why one would get up at the crack of dawn and go sit in the cold with deer urine all around them. I never understood why one would spend hours in a tree stand with the slight promise of returning with meat. Truthfully, I was pretty terrified of killing and taking an animal's life. Now, at 25 years old, Ifinally understand.

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During the first few years Abby gradually expressed interest in competitions, but did not really know what she wanted to do with that interest. She’s been active in our club for a while now and she went with a group of us to the 2015 AGAG National Conference in Texas. This would ignite more interest in competitive shooting, specifically in 3-Gun (Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns). Those hard-core, high profile 3-Gun matches are for the physically fit, well trained, and super experienced: at least that’s what she had stuck in her head! Not letting that deter her and with the support of fellow AGAG members she went out and tried a local match with what she had at the time and placed last.

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The Walter's Razor "X" Digital Ear Bud Headsets boasts 31dB of noise reduction. The electronic hearing protection and enhancement buds work flawlessly for shooters or hunters.

I am highly impressed also with the new lightweight design that sits comfortably aound the neck. This around the neck design has retractable ear buds, it is out of the way from cheek welds on shotguns and traditional rifles or AR-pattern rifles.

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