Proper Rifle Support

I’m always looking for things that make shooting easier and more fun. And, I want those items to transfer from the range to the field with ease. Practicing for the best shot possible should occur with every pull of the trigger. This is not limited to your rifle or your cartridge, but also in your optics and your rest

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HME Review: Tree Stand Umbrella

I received this HME Tree Stand Umbrella in the middle of my late season. It was perfect timing. I was beyond excited for this product to arrive and put it to use. So much excitement in fact I put it up on the pitch black with my husband's help before my early morning hunt the next day. 

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Hunting: Simple Tricks That Can Make A Big Difference

Whether you are sitting in a tree stand, ground blind or walking fields on the hunt for wild game, there are some simple tricks that will help you to be more efficient and successful.  These are the things you "learned from your daddy" or maybe you're mama but they don't talk about readily in the magazines, on the hunting TV shows or in other forums.

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Kendal Quandahl