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RCG Product Review - Grizzly Coolers

I have the 100 qt Grizzly cooler. We needed one large enough for the boat because we use it to go fishing in the Keys. They logo-ed the top with the ReelCamoGirl logo and it looks great. The logo is positioned under a cutting board on top so it will never get scratched. The cooler comes with a very handy ruler on the top, which is perfect for fishing as many times you need to measure fish to see if they are large enough to keep.

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ReelCamo Girl Product Review - Balleck Outdoors Dry Shower

One of my favorite things about dry shower is the fact that I can use it year-round not only for all my outdoor adventures to include camping and backcountry hunting but also daily life!

I have super fine hair that tends to get oily quickly! I can wash my hair in the morning before work at 0500 and by 2000 that same night it is already looking greasy from all the natural oils on my scalp.

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ReelCamo Girl Product Review - Razor Slim Shooter Folding Muff

The Razor Slim Shooter Folding Muff. These are ultra-low-profile muffs with two omnidirectional microphones. You can hear everyone talking at the gun range and protect your hearing every time a shot is fired. And they are available in just about every color too.

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RCG Product Review- XXX Agra Floatant

Over the years I've been frustrated trying to find a decent fly floatant. Well, I think I may have found it, XXX Agra! I stumbled upon it at my local fly shop last summer and figured, why not? I've tried so many other products this can't be any worse. Of course the label made me laugh, with a warning that says: If your fly stays up for more than 4 hours consult your local fly shop! Well, my fly didn't last 4 hours, but I caught about a dozen trout on our local river on the one fly until it came apart!

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