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ReelCamo Girl Product Review - Balleck Outdoors Dry Shower

One of my favorite things about dry shower is the fact that I can use it year-round not only for all my outdoor adventures to include camping and backcountry hunting but also daily life!

I have super fine hair that tends to get oily quickly! I can wash my hair in the morning before work at 0500 and by 2000 that same night it is already looking greasy from all the natural oils on my scalp.

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ReelCamo Girl Product Review: Wilderness Warmth

I recently received the Balleck Wilderness Warmth to test and share my thoughts on. While it’s June here in Iowa and I am not able to truly field test this product, I wanted to share my initial thoughts.

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Fly Of The Month - Elk Hair Caddis

This time of the year is when the larger flies are starting to emerge from the lakes and streams, one of them being the caddis fly. Larger than a mayfly, but significantly smaller than a stonefly, trout will gorge themselves on them. If you're lucky enough to be out during a caddisfly hatch be prepared for some epic trout fishing!

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Teach Kids to be Passionate About the Outdoors

I was lucky enough to teach an outdoor class for fish dissection at our Bear Creek Days for schools in southwest Montana. I loaded up 50 rainbow trout from the Ennis National Fish Hatchery and took them to our camp ground at the base of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness where several schools from the area had a field trip week. They learned about all the insides of a trout as well as the history of native trout and fish verses nonnative introduced fish of Montana. It was a very rewarding day to hang out with 8th graders who loved getting their hands dirty. But that isn’t what completely set apart that day from any other.

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Staying Fit and Healthy in the Off Season

As many of us are coming to the end of our hunting seasons, we are all thinking of ways to stay fit and healthy for the next season. You don’t want to be the person that is hiking halfway up the hill wheezing and coughing because you aren’t in shape, right? That’s why you should be conscious of your health and fitness all year ‘round!

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