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5 Essential Gear Items For Late Season Rifle

Late season is a challenge for any type of species and hunting terrain. Your gear can help make your hunt easier which will in turn up your probability of success. Here are 5 essential items to have with you on your hunt.

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Hunt Smarter not Harder with the StealthCam G45NG - RCG Product Review

t's hard for me to understand why any hunter would not use trail cams when they hunt. With today's trail cam technology one can hunt smarter not harder. Just the basic information on each photo tells you about that particular animals behavior. This began my in depth look at using the information from the StealthCam G45NG while planning my next year's whitetail hunting on the new hunting property. 

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SLUMBERJACK Wild-Her Pack Review - RCG Product Review

The Wild-Her Pack from Slumberjack is a pack specifically geared for women. In my case it had to fit a 5'11 woman with a fairly large chest. I wasn't sure it was up the challenge because if it was like most every other women's version of anything I have tried, I was afraid it would be too small. Not the case. I found the shoulder straps, chest and waist straps are all very easy to adjust and maneuver. 

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Nature's Paint - RCG Product Review

When it comes to face camo, there’s a few things a girl requires:

It has to feel good, it has to look good, it has to last and we don’t want to break out after using it. I recently tried Nature’s paint and in my opinion, it checked everything off my list. Since it’s freezing cold outside where I live, I decided to put it to the test while doing a workout.

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