Cyclops 700 Lumen Flashlight Review

Over the Utah General Season Rifle Mule Deer Hunt I had the opportunity to try out the Cyclops 700 Lumen Flashlight from GSM Outdoors. It is a small flashlight that fit great into my pack. It also didn’t add any weight and the bright yellow end made it easy to find when I needed it. Now when I first tried this flashlight out my expectations were not very high. I mean, it is just a flashlight right? WRONG! The Cyclops is a 700 lumen flashlight which means it is BRIGHT. Bright enough we did not need a lantern to gather firewood when we ran out. Bright enough I left my headlamp back at camp when we went out on our evening hunt. My expectations were blew out of the water.


I also loved how it had a low and a high setting. The low setting worked great when we needed to relight our heater in our trailer. Not too blinding but just right to work inside with other lights. Also I found that when you held down the button you could use it to signal an SOS if ever needed. Not to mention the window breaking tool on the end. Make this flashlight a great multi tool.

All in all the way the Cyclops 700 Lumen Flashlight from GSM Outdoors performed better than expected. I was pleasantly surprised at the brightness and I loved how light it was and that it did not take up much room in my pack. I highly recommend to anyone who hunts or just loves to be outdoors. Definitely has my seal of approval and I will be purchasing another for my husbands pack. 


Chelsie Wilkey - ReelCamo Girl Team Member and Owner of Central Mountain Euros


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