3 Interesting New Products From SHOT Show For 2018

I've just returned from SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fellow RCG Pro Staffer Cherri Teutsch and I attended the largest shooting sports trade show on behalf of RCG, where we scouted the showroom floor for new, exciting products from our favorite companies and those creatively disrupting the industry. 

Here are three products that piqued my interest at last week's SHOT Show: 

1) DECIBULLZ Custom Molded Earplugs


The Fort Collins, CO-based Decibullz was exhibiting at the SHOT Show NEXT showcase on the Third Floor of the Sands Expo Center. This showcase, which ran from Tuesday-Wednesday last week, allows companies that haven't exhibited at the trade show before to be front and center before buyers, sellers, and members of the press. 

Hearing protection remains an important concern for those in hunting and shooting sports, so a product like this could be great alternative to traditional ear plugs. Decibullz offers a unique product to help fill the void or at least add some alternative options for hearing protection. 

I was showed a variety of products, but specifically thought the Heat and Shape Custom Molded Earplugs stood out. They come in a variety of colors—my pair are in red—and are lightweight. With this product, users can easily and quickly mold these ear plugs by placing them in hot water. After placing them in boiling water, the package recommends cooling them afterwards. Then shape them in your ears. This can be replicated again and again. 

The company representative I spoke with, Ben, said you can remold these earplug to your liking and still witness high-performance hearing protection. If testing this for the first time on the range, he said, gradually ease into use. Don't immediately apply use of the earplugs when you're shooting brass. Apply them into your ears while prepping and That way . Best of all, this product is made in the USA. 

Consumers—especially women shooters and hunters—will appreciate the customizable features of this product. It is available in five colors: black, red, pink, purple, orange, and blue. Moreover, I think users concerned with hearing protection will appreciate a noise reduction averaging 31 decibels when using this protect. Perfect not only for shooting sports, but also for traveling, swimming, or reducing noise in general.



I look forward to putting these to good use!

Custom Molded Ear Plugs : Market Value —$25.99

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genesis z9 .jpeg

While there are a lot of fascinating guns displayed at SHOT Show, I thought ZRO Delta's new release—the Genesis Z9— deserved to be spotlighted as a new product to watch out for this year. Not only is it unique to the gun market, one of my friends, Rocky Harrigan of Critical Capabilities, oversees ZRO Delta since the company acquired it. 

The company bills this pistol as "the world’s first completely modular pistol that will allow user to convert from compact to a full long slide race gun in seconds thanks to its Patent Pending Design.” It's expected to produce 2,000 models by Q2 and work with industry big wigs like Glock. 

Without a doubt, this pistol will change the shooting sports industry for the better. As traditional gun manufacturers' sales wane, companies that creatively disrupt the industry will continue to rise—which is why you should keep ZRO Delta's Genesis Z9 on your radar. 

Here's a good review of the pistol: 

phone skope.jpeg

I discovered this neat product while at Industry Day at the Range. Every media member had the option to opt-in for a free pair, so I happily obliged. With everything trending Mobile, this Phone Skope appears to be on the cutting edge for capturing video and photos through optics. Plus, in the age of social media, this accessory can come in handy when a DSLR camera or similar device doesn't suffice or costs too much. 

It's fairly self-explanatory: mount your scope and place your SmartPhone in the Phone Skope case. Then carefully attach the eyepiece adapter to your binos or preferred spotting scope. Make sure to twist or slide the adapter to fasten and properly secure it. Once it's successfully mounted on your optics, you're ready to capture beautiful imagery — whether video or photo— and voila! You'll be able to see cool outdoor footage through your spotting scope. 

Below is a how-to video for your viewing pleasure: 

Market Value: $49.99

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What do you think about these new products? Happy Shooting and Hunting! 



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