Safety Should Be Automatic

Safety Should Be Automatic.

Adventure Medical Kits makes it easy.

In all our training for the outdoors and outdoors activities, safety is something that is hammered home but what do we actually do with that information once we get home and head to the field? I know people who carry safety and first aid supplies with them and I also know people who say they will never need it and it is just extra weight. I’d rather none of my friends, family or people I teach or reach to be the latter group of people.

Often I have my dogs with me. What if our dogs need help in the field? Do you know what you should do? I am not saying we need to be veterinarians, but we need to have an idea of how to help our canine friends in the case of an emergency.

When I was at SHOT show in January, I perused the basement vendors kind of in a daze because there was just so much to see! I’ve seen Adventure medical kits in places like Sportsman’s Warehouse before but there was this booth with orange first aid kits and then a row of green ones. The green ones had an outline of a dog and a dog paw on them. I had to take a look. After a brief conversation with Jenny Hastings who is their Marketing Associate, I have one in my hot little hands to tell you about. 

If you have your dog with you whether it is a field trial, an overnight trip or a hike, you’ll have some extra items with you anyway so what is a few more ounces? Plus it works for both you and your furry friend. The Me-and-My-Dog medical kit isn’t too bulky. It measures 5”x7”x3.5” and there is a little room to compress it.

Once you open it, you’ll find just about everything you need to care for you and your dog in an emergency situation. All of the items are in waterproof bags which is a nice addition.

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The kit includes the basics you’d find in any kit such as Band-Aids, aspirin, tweezers etc. But it comes with a leash, that could double as a tourniquet, an emergency blanket, eyewash, a large triangle bandage that can also be used as a muzzle and a couple guides to tell you how to use it all on you or your pet if you need it. There is still room in the pack to add any other small items you might want to take along such as any medication your pet is on or information for allergies, medical conditions etc.

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If you don’t take your pet along, or you don’t have one, the Sportsman Series of Kits is a great option. They come in various sizes for the number of people in your group or family or the number of days you’ll be out exploring. When you open it, items are packed into individual pockets and neatly organized. To find something quickly, the back of the bag has all the listed items and where to find them inside the kit. There is also a form to write down medical conditions or allergies of the people in the group and a sheet to write down pertinent information should an incident happen and then this paper can be given to medical professionals as needed.

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This kit does not have an emergency blanket or eyewash bottles in it however there is room in the kit for these items and more. It measures 8”x5.5”x3” without compressing it.  

Both kits are ideal for all the activities I am involved in. There is always one in my vehicle and I carry a condensed version in my pack for daily activities but if there are long trips ahead then I’m confident I’ve got everything I’ll need with me by tossing one of these into my pack. I’ve also learned and refreshed what I have already learned by reading through the pet and human guides that are included with the kits. When you receive one, you’ll get a card that allows you to register your product and it gives you the code needed to refill your kit once you use materials from them or they expire.

Affordable, widely available and full of the necessary items, I’ll be carrying Adventure Medical Kits from here on out. Visit for these two items and several other options that may be the right fit for you.

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