Point. Flush. Retrieve. A Review

Point. Flush. Retrieve. A bird dog’s mantra.


Point. Flush. Retrieve. Not your typical dog box; because bird dogs are not your typical dog.


Point. Flush. Retrieve.(PFR) is a monthly subscription box tailored for hunters and their best hunting bud. Every box you receive has items focused on the hunter, the dog, and items to use together—whether they be toys or training aids. The treats included are made from venison, turkey, duck, and pheasant. In addition, 10% of proceeds from PFR are donated to Pheasants Forever. I recently received the opportunity to get my hands on a previous box and get a true review from one of my furry friends.


Meet Charlie.


I know. I know. I know. I said bird dog. You’re looking at a 4-month-old Australian Shepard. We are more in the…. ‘Bumble. Bark. Forget the ball’ camp. But it’s June and we aren’t out hunting with our bird dog friends for a few more months. I can promise you—Charlie still offered his expert opinion.

 First impression offered a heavy box that was filled to the top. In total, we received 1 bag of treats, 2 chews, a toy, and a first aid kit. I’d been researching outdoor/travel first aid kits, so this worked out perfectly! I’ll offer a few thoughts on that as well—in case you’re still listening when we get to the end.


The treats and chews both came from Etta Says. These jumped out at me right away—100% USA based meat treats. Priority #1 for all of us with woofers. The duck treats as well as the elk and deer chews went over like hotcakes. The chews selected were of the ‘Premium’ classification of Etta Says’ Munch-Meter. All chews by Etta Says are rated by their hardness levels—premium, select, and deluxe. I was very pleased to see the premium sent for us; these are the softest level of the chews available. While these still took a little work, they weren’t over doing it for puppy teeth.

The MultiPet pheasant toy was also a big hit. The choice to send a stuffing-less toy can be appreciated by anyone with a dog who has figured out there is fluffy goodness INSIDE the toys….


And, last, but definitely not least, the Alcott Adventure First Aid Kit. At about 6”x8”, this is small enough and light enough to land itself in nearly every day pack. This kit is fairly inclusive for both humans and dogs. I was pleased to receive a first aid kit that included tick pullers and hydrogen peroxide. We all know ticks are a hazard of being outdoors. If you get the creepy-crawlies like I do when I see ticks, removing them as quickly as possible is not only preferred, it’s required. I wouldn’t want to wait to get back to the car and hope I had something to remove a tick if we had a full day of adventuring planned. The hydrogen peroxide is a great addition as well—clean out wounds if needed and in the event our furry friend eats something he shouldn’t have… we have something to act quickly if needed.


The choices and selection of products sent by PFR was a unique offering that fit our outdoor lifestyle. I was pleased with the USA-based treats as well as the theory the treats are all derived from meat we would hunt! As hunters and dog owners, we finally have a box catering towards our joint lifestyles. If you’re a subscription box junkie like me, this is one to add to the top of your list. If you’d like to learn more about PFR and check out their subscription options, visit https://pfrhunting.com/.


Kendal Quandahl

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