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Proper Rifle Support

I’m always looking for things that make shooting easier and more fun. And, I want those items to transfer from the range to the field with ease. Practicing for the best shot possible should occur with every pull of the trigger. This is not limited to your rifle or your cartridge, but also in your optics and your rest

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'Mommy's Big Buck'

I made my way down my stand, rifle at the ready and eyes peeled for any movement or a body mass of that beautiful Whitetail. I ensured through my travels that there weren't any tracks leaving the swamp. After meandering through the stillness of beautiful white kissed trees, I saw him. 

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5 Essential Gear Items For Late Season Rifle

Late season is a challenge for any type of species and hunting terrain. Your gear can help make your hunt easier which will in turn up your probability of success. Here are 5 essential items to have with you on your hunt.

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