Take A New Hunter Out...A ReelCamoGirl Guest Post


RCG Forward: Marti Jean and I "met" via ReelCamoGirls' Facebook Page (You should check it out!). She had commented on an article I shared with our fans. The story of Never Say Never by Brittany Brothers, originally posted on MeatEater, is one that touches hunters and non-hunters alike. Most everyone knows (or knew) someone who hunts or has hunted. Brittany's story is a prime example of sometimes they just need to be exposed to "real hunters" to be able to understand what's it's all about. The negative and, in my experience, highly untruthful stereotype that portrays hunters as the big, bad, redneck, beer guzzling, trophy hunting, meat wasting, blood thirsty savages has done real harm.

It kills me when I see/hear men, women and children being viciously attacked for doing something that humans have done for 2 million years. Many times if you take the time to explain hunting and how it is an integral part of animal and land conservation they no longer "hate the hunter".....that is if you run across someone WILLING to listen.

Marti Jean was asked to share her story after we saw her comments on our Facebook page. Hope you enjoy!


By Marti Jean

My name is Marti Jean Goss and I have been hunting for about 20 years. I love the camping and the fact that I can provide myself with meat is just a bonus! I had major back surgery 4 years ago and hadn't applied for tags  during those years because I wasn't sure I would be able to physically do it.

I started talking to my brother in law about it in November of 2013 in hopes of talking him into going with me. I know he wanted to go, but was slightly flaky about spending the money. Finally, he decided to go and we both got deer and elk tags. He kept talking about how he had gone as a kid and how great it was.....like he had done it forever.  As it turns out, he had gone on a trip, but had never had a tag.

We got to the site on opening day, which isn't ideal, but being that it was his first trip,  it was OK. We went out on the quads in the late afternoon to do some scouting and didn't see any game but did get to see wild horses everywhere! They were beautiful.  To see them running free was a treat. However, nary a deer or elk. The next morning we set out before sunrise hoping to see something. Nothing but tracks.

The next four days produced the same. Then, finally we saw some.  My brother in law got off a shot and missed, but right away fired again and got one!  As luck would have it, it was late in the day....right before sunset. I remind you this is his first deer. He has no idea what to do next. I went through the process and ended up gutting  it for him. There just wasn't enough light to have him take his time. He was a great student though. He learned what to do and not to do.  After we had it skinned and hung up I cleaned myself up and crashed.

The next morning he was still grinning from ear to ear, and we still had my deer tag and two elk tags to fill. I never got a good shot at anything the rest of the trip, but it didn't matter.  He got his deer and that was good enough for me.  He experienced the success of the hunt and is ready to go again.

I cooked some of the meat for him and my sister when we got home.  He loved it....my sister, not so much. The next person I take will be my grandson. He has wanted to go for years but was just not ready. I think this is the year!

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