ReelCamoGirl will be featuring a few women who recently qualified as semi-finalists for the Extreme Huntress Competition. In its 10th season, The Extreme Huntress Competition continues to set the bar for serious outdoors women, while at the same time providing positive role models for women who are new to hunting, shooting and other traditional outdoor sports.

Tara Hokuf serves as ProStaff here at ReelCamo Girl and we ask that you show and share your support of her by voting and sharing her information on your page(s).


Voting is NOW OPEN and each of the top 20 are hoping to get enough votes to place them in the top 4 to move forward to competition. This competition helps spread awareness of ladies in hunting and the outdoor lifestyle. Go check them all out and cast your vote for your favorite Extreme Huntress!


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Voting is open until June 1st

MEET Tara Hokuf: 
Tara was born and raised in a small town in Northern MN, moved only two hours away to attend college, fell in love with the community and has resided there ever since.  She has enjoyed many outdoor activities throughout her lifetime like hunting, shooting, fishing, camping, shed hunting, foraging for wild edibles and hiking.  Tara is the only female who actively hunts in her family and she is now trying to pass that passion on to her two young daughters.  Tara learned to hunt with her father, grandfather and brother who were always very active outdoors men in Northern Minnesota.  She continued to expand on these skills when she met her husband, who introduced her to some new techniques and game species in his hometown area.  Tara earned a Top Gun Award in 1995 and from there was hooked on shooting, hunting, education and conservation.  She currently hunts everything from Ruffed Grouse and Waterfowl to Whitetail Deer and Wild Turkeys. 

Tara Hokuf also serves as Staff for North Country Guide Service & Promotions; ReelCamo Girl Pro Staff and Brand Champion; Damsel In Defense Senior Mentor; Pure Whitetail Field Staff; an EMT, CPR Instructor and member of the North Country First Responders; Vice Chair for a local non-profit agency; Member of Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, & the National Rifle Association; a certified weather spotter through NOAA; and permit to carry instructor assistant.


Contest Entry Essay:

Sitting in a deer stand, in a blowing blizzard, trying to keep warm when temperatures hover around zero degrees, waiting for a whitetail deer to wander past; that’s where you’ll find me in the early winter. Standing in thigh-deep freezing waters, motionless, my Benelli on my shoulder and my eyes to the sky searching for mallards as they come setting into our decoy spread; that’s where you’ll find me in the fall. Sitting in a ground blind, frost on the fields, watching the sun rise in the east and the wild turkeys flutter down from their roosts; that’s where you’ll find me in the spring. In the summer you can find me on the trails searching for grouse, in the brambles calling for coyotes, in the woods baiting for bears and even on the rivers bow fishing white suckers. The hours spent preparing for the hunts, waiting silently in a stand or blind despite bitter cold temperatures, responsibly taking my targets through patience and diligence, cleaning and processing my harvest to feed my family; all of this makes me a hardcore huntress.

I may not be a professional at any one type of hunt; but I’m well-rounded, quick to learn and eager to take on new adventures. I have lived in Northern Minnesota my whole life. I was exposed to hunting at an early age and spent countless hours hunting with the men in my family. As the only woman hunter in my family, I strive to bring that knowledge, experience and excitement to my daughters as they grow up. Over the course of decades, I have familiarized myself with the small and large game options in the area. I have hunted nearly every game animal available and would love the chance to experience something unique. I have braved bitter cold temperatures to hunt my favorite game animals and enjoyed every trip. I have hunted alone and in hunting parties with family and friends, but my moments spent in nature are the most valuable.

I am an independent woman who puts in the time, the practice and preparation to ensure I am also a responsible hunter and likewise a responsible conservationist. I have hunted Minnesota and surrounding states but I would love the opportunity to travel and participate in this amazing opportunity; to encourage other females through my experiences with this group of strong, inspiring women and push myself to my limits. Prior contestants talk about the Extreme Huntress Competition being life-changing, how it taught them they were capable of so much more than they thought, and how they made life-long connections with other women in the field. I want that and so much more. I am your next Extreme Huntress and I would love the opportunity to broaden my own hunting horizons, to further educate and empower women who would be exposed to my story and reach the next generation of amazing huntresses.

Contestant’s Video Entry Submission:


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