My Twilight Buck

It was a cloudy, chilly day in December of 2017. I wanted to get out to my spot pretty early. I just had a feeling it would be a good hunt. Being 15 weeks pregnant, I needed to pace myself on getting out there as well. Got to see some early movement of several does and a little spike. After that I didn't see anything for about an hour, and by then it was getting dark. I was just about to pack up when I noticed a deer to my left. My heart began to race when I realized it was a buck with a decent wide rack and a big enough body. It was too dark to film but I wasn't letting him get away. He finally came through my shooting lane, roughly 60 yards away. So I stopped him, aimed, and pulled the trigger. He then bucked, tucked his tail, and took off across the field. I knew he was going down, so I just watched where he went that way I'd know where to start tracking.

I then packed up my stuff and made my way back home. I felt he needed some time to lay and die without me jumping him up. Once enough time had passed, my husband and I headed out there to get on his trail. After discussing what happened and the direction he went off in, we made a course of action. There wasn't any trace of blood in the field so I searched the tree line while he went through the woods.

After searching for awhile, I finally came across a few spots of blood at the edge of the kudzu area. Since I was pregnant, I waited for my husband to join me just incase I tripped going through that mess. We followed the trail until he goes "There he is". I looked around until I finally spotted him. Wanted so bad to run up to him, but knew that wouldn't be too wise.

Once I came up on him, I was overcome with excitement and thankfulness. After jumping around with joy and hugging my husband, I went back to admiring my buck. He wasn't a huge shooter, but he was the biggest buck I ever shot. He was a wide 6 point with a short nub on one side. Beautiful healthy body that I knew would go well in our freezer. While I sat there giving thanks to God for such an amazing animal, my husband brought the 4-wheeler over. Once he was strapped down tight, we headed back to the house for processing. Due to my nausea, I couldn't help my husband with it.

After cleaning the meat and packaging it up tight, I couldn't help me relive the experience I was just blessed with. Sure any trophy killed is great, but it's the meat from it that goes to feeding your family. Hunting is more than a hobby or pastime to us, it's a way of life. It provides healthy meat for our family and even great moments to share with our children. I thank God for every experience I have out there, good or bad, because you can learn something from them both.



Holly Overman

I grew up with a love of the outdoors, fishing and hiking through woods. It wasn't til I met my husband that I really got into hunting. He took me on my first hunt and even taught me how to shoot a bow. I was instantly hooked after that. He taught me the basics and I grew my own knowledge through self experience.

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