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Copy of WILD CHILD by Josephine Pence

I never understood hunting. I never understood why one would get up at the crack of dawn and go sit in the cold with deer urine all around them. I never understood why one would spend hours in a tree stand with the slight promise of returning with meat. Truthfully, I was pretty terrified of killing and taking an animal's life. Now, at 25 years old, Ifinally understand.

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Bowhunting Whitetail in Ohio

We set out at 5am and it was COLD. Well, cold for me. I am used to Southern California weather, so anything 30° or below is bone chilling. I got a little nervous because I remembered Bruce, from my local bow shop, Bow N Arrow Shop  telling me that when I increased the poundage on my compound bow that I need to be prepared for bad (cold) weather conditions. Did I listen? Of course not.

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Remembering My First the Safari Club International Las Vegas Convention
Jen “TheArcher” Cordaro – Academian and Bowhunter: Part One