HME Review: Tree Stand Umbrella


This being my first year hunting in a tree stand I truly did not know what to expect. My general archery season came and went. The weather was nice and there was no need to worry about staying dry. 

My late season approached and the weather on the Oregon Coast changed as it does every fall. The rain moved in and those long tree stand sits became a challenge. 

I received this HME Tree Stand Umbrella in the middle of my late season. It was perfect timing. I was beyond excited for this product to arrive and put it to use. So much excitement in fact I put it up on the pitch black with my husband's help before my early morning hunt the next day. 

This umbrella is light weight and easy to attach to the tree. Once in place the umbrella is strong in secure. 

The umbrella kept the tree stand seat and myself dry during my long fall hunts in the Oregon rain. 

With the rain and wind, which at times are gusts of 55+ mph the umbrella stayed secure to the tree with no damage. I am very impressed with this product and it has become a must have for my tree stand sits! 

❥ - Stacey Sutherlin - RealCamo Girl Pro Staff

Co-Founder Huntin' Wives

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