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TACTICA DEFENSE FASHION: Belly Band Holster Review

Sandi Little is the founder of Tactica Defense Fashions. She is also a mother who is passionate about protecting herself and her family. Sandi created Tactica Defense Fashions with the intent to go beyond being solely product focused. Tactica is a brand for women who embrace a lifestyle in which they carry firearms every day.

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ReelCamo Girl Product Review - Razor Slim Shooter Folding Muff

The Razor Slim Shooter Folding Muff. These are ultra-low-profile muffs with two omnidirectional microphones. You can hear everyone talking at the gun range and protect your hearing every time a shot is fired. And they are available in just about every color too.

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During the first few years Abby gradually expressed interest in competitions, but did not really know what she wanted to do with that interest. She’s been active in our club for a while now and she went with a group of us to the 2015 AGAG National Conference in Texas. This would ignite more interest in competitive shooting, specifically in 3-Gun (Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns). Those hard-core, high profile 3-Gun matches are for the physically fit, well trained, and super experienced: at least that’s what she had stuck in her head! Not letting that deter her and with the support of fellow AGAG members she went out and tried a local match with what she had at the time and placed last.

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A Guide To Cleaning And Maintaining your Firearm

To clean and when to clean, that is the question? You should make a habit of cleaning your firearm after each time you shoot your firearm.

I have a designated area for cleaning my firearm, that is clean of any other items. My cleaning workspace is my kitchen table. I give myself at least half of the table so I will have plenty of room to lay things out properly.

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