TACTICA DEFENSE FASHION: Belly Band Holster Review

Sandi Little is the founder of Tactica Defense Fashions. She is also a mother who is passionate about protecting herself and her family. Sandi created Tactica Defense Fashions with the intent to go beyond being solely product focused. Tactica is a brand for women who embrace a lifestyle in which they carry firearms every day.

The Tactica belly band holster comes housed in a clear reusable zipper pouch. Included are instructions on how to wear and adjust the retention on the holster. The hybrid holster has a polymer blend shell and a neoprene base that has a rigid core. The rigid core helps for a smooth draw. The Tactica holster uses a neoprene material instead of leather backing so there will be no breaking-in period. After adjusting the retention my firearm adjusted perfectly. Each holster is molded for the gun it houses. The entire frame of my Sig P238 is completely covered by the holster. Tactica made sure to keep a small footprint.

The Tactica belly band holster can be positioned high or low on the body as desired. The 2-3/4" width of the band is an ideal size. The heavy duty velcro band strap is reinforced with a strip of spring steel. Fasten this belly band holster by threading the strap end through the strap ring, pulling until it is tight but without discomfort. Then you fasten using the industrial strength hook and loop fabric. The band supports the firearm but also ensures a secure hold on the body.

Testing: The directions were clear on how to wear the band and adjust the retention. I tried each position and found the perfect retention in under three minutes. At no time does the firearm touch your body while wearing the belly band holster. During testing I wore various sleeveless shirts, tank tops and shorts with no issues on firearm conceal exposure. Your top must be loose, or you risk printing. The band material is very soft and comfortable. I practiced drawing my firearm from the holster for a week. At the end of the week my draw became one smooth fluid motion. If the holster shell could be canted 15 degrees more the initial draw would be safer. The muzzle would be pointing more downward instead of directly to the left at the position of the holster. Untrained shooters must practice not to muzzle themselves or others on their left side when drawing their firearm from the holster.

It is summer here in South Carolina and this holster was tested while the temperatures were in the high 90's. The material of the band breathes and does not irritate your skin. The strap is also padded with ventilated neoprene, which breathes against the skin and wicks away moisture. This holster is comfortable while sitting and driving with no readjustment needed. It is also ideal for use under active wear. I wore the band while using an elliptical and on a treadmill. The firearm stayed secure in the holster with no issues.

Pros: The Tactica holster has a smaller footprint which makes it easier to wear and conceal. Instant firearm molding to the holster with little to no break-in time. Once adjusted it has a smooth draw from the retention. The band of the holster is secure on your body once set. This holster is proudly made in America.

Cons: Cannot adjust the cant. This means you can only draw your firearm in the angle the holster shipped to you in. There is not a place to add extra magazines.

This is a great belly band holster. The safety of having the firearms trigger covered in the holster is priceless. Plus, each belly band holster shell is molded for the specific firearm model. When sitting the band of the holster does not roll or bunch up. Having perfect retention is not too shabby either. Once you master a safe draw-stroke this belly band holster will become a favorite.

This Tactica Belly Band is a must have. It is priced at $69.99. The holster also has a Lifetime Warranty! They also offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase if the holster does not work out for you. I was not compensated for writing this article.

Check out their website at: https://tacticafashion.com

Written by: Tarra Stoddard

An avid marksman, hunter, outdoor enthusiast and

author of many gun related papers.

(ReelCamo Girl Managing Director, Prois Hunting & Vanguard Outdoors Pro Staffer)


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