ReelCamo Girl Fitness - Workout Wednesday (Full Body)

This week we're stepping up the difficulty. I love these workouts because you are working your entire body during every exercise. Static holds work every part of the body. Your abs are still getting a workout during the leg and arm portions and vice versa. 

Today's platform: stay and finish all three 3 rounds on one body part before moving on. So start with the first leg exercises, doing all 3 rounds of legs only before moving on to the arms. 

Do this with no rest in between exercises, but 1 minute or less if you can, in between rounds. This is how you get your cardio in while you are strength training! Push yourself. No pain- no gain!


#1- side leg raise with opposite arm raise- without letting the foot touch again, raise and lower your leg out to the side, while raising the opposite arm, lifting 5lb. 25 reps each side


#2- bent over squats- using either a ball or putting your palms flat on the floor, raise and lower into a squat position without standing back up until finished. 25 reps 



#1- Side plank hip raise- staying on only elbow and feet, raise and lower your hip, without letting it touch the ground until finished. 25 reps each side.


#2-  Side plank toe touch- while holding a side plank touch, reach out and touch your foot in front of your body, then bring your arm and leg back to your side. 25 reps each side



#1- Roman twist- holding a 5 lb ball, sitting up, bring feet off the ground and rotate side to side, not letting the feet touch the ground again until done. 20 reps on each side = 40 reps without stopping!


#2- Clap ups- sitting with feet off the ground, bring up each leg one at a time, clapping hands together behind the leg. 20 reps each side. = 40 reps without stopping!


You can do it!! This is meant to workout your entire body in 30-40 min. Good luck!



About the Author:

Kaitlin Potter Phelps

Certified Personal Trainer

ReelCamo Pro Staff

Mom of 4 Boys

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