We are on our 3rd ReelCamo Girl #WorkoutWednesday !!!

#triplethreat This one is gonna rock your bod! Today's platform: do the first set of three exercises all the way through, then repeat for 3 rounds before moving on. Follow the same order for the 2nd and third sets.

Set 1:
1.Side curtsy with arm raise. Step into curtsy position then back to standing position. Repeat on same leg for 25 reps. Then switch legs.

step 11.jpg

2. Kneeling leg raise. Place weight behind knee and raise to hip level 25 reps. Switch sides.

step 14.jpg

3. Single leg hip raise. Holding the ball between the knees, raise one leg, and then lift hips off floor. Repeat hip raise 25 reps then switch sides. 

step 12.jpg

Set 2: 
1. Side plank reach around- holding weight, in side plank position, reach around your body and then push arm straight above shoulder. 25 reps each side


2. Walking plank- raise from plank position to weight on hands then lower back into plank alternating arms. . Like walking. 40 reps.

walking plank.jpg

3. Upside down plank. Weight on elbows, hips off ground. Hold for 1 min and increase by 20 sec each round.

upside down.jpg

Set 3:
1. Reverse crunch. Crunch bringing knees towards head, then lower back down, only letting toes touch. Repeat. 25 reps

reverse crunch.jpg

2. Windshield wipers. Keeping legs straight, rotate hips side to side. 20 reps each side.


3. Plank- hold for 40 sec, then 60 , then 80 sec! 
You got this!!!



Remember to check back next Wednesday for your weekly workout!

About the Author:

Kaitlin Potter Phelps

Certified Personal Trainer

ReelCamo Pro Staff

Mom of 4 Boys

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