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During the first few years Abby gradually expressed interest in competitions, but did not really know what she wanted to do with that interest. She’s been active in our club for a while now and she went with a group of us to the 2015 AGAG National Conference in Texas. This would ignite more interest in competitive shooting, specifically in 3-Gun (Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns). Those hard-core, high profile 3-Gun matches are for the physically fit, well trained, and super experienced: at least that’s what she had stuck in her head! Not letting that deter her and with the support of fellow AGAG members she went out and tried a local match with what she had at the time and placed last.

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Nature's Paint - RCG Product Review

When it comes to face camo, there’s a few things a girl requires:

It has to feel good, it has to look good, it has to last and we don’t want to break out after using it. I recently tried Nature’s paint and in my opinion, it checked everything off my list. Since it’s freezing cold outside where I live, I decided to put it to the test while doing a workout.

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The Story of an Accident and of Triumph. Ashlee Lundvall's story

Sometimes there are people who inspire. Ashlee Lundvall is one of those people. We ask her to share her story with us. She is an accomplished hunter and what makes all of her hunting accomplishments even more amazing is that she does it all from a wheelchair.  Ashlee is an inspirational speaker, author, and avid outdoorswoman passionately pursuing a redefined life.

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