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Product Review: Cabela's OutfitHER® 4-in-1 Parka

The past few years have seen a surge in women hunters, and with that, there are finally more options for women’s hunting clothing. From big-box brands, to small boutique brands, women now have more choices than ever for hunting clothes and more options are being added to the line up at a fast pace.

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RCG Product Review - Skeleton Optics, Stampedes

I am a busy Mom of 3 girls, a wife, and an owner of two businesses. I also happen to LOVE the outdoors and never seem to have enough time to go fishing or hunting.  I was excited to receive my Skeleton Optics Stampedes because the glasses looked beautiful. I hoped they would also function the way an outdoorsman and busy mom needed them to. I needed shades that I could use in my  outdoor activities as well as for trips to school or the dentist with the kids. So I put them to the test. 

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Why The Trophy Photo?

So if  the reason behind taking a photo is different for everyone, then the reason for taking a photo with a hunted animal isn’t going to be the same for each hunter, nor is it going to be much different than someone else’s reasons for taking a photograph of something else. It is documentation of an accomplishment, or to capture a memory. Of course the term “accomplishment” is different for hunters vs non-hunters. People, who have never hunted or don’t know much about the process think it is similar to a photo taken with road kill….a photo with a dead animal for the sake of showing off the blood, guts and glory. Not really.

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