Kids in the Outdoors

What is the right age to get kids in the outdoors? Is it when they are old enough to walk, old enough to decide for themselves, or is it something born into them? For Henley Greer, it might as well have been born into her. She comes from a long line of hunters and her parents even own a hunting store in Madison, MS, so she didn’t really have a choice. Although, it didn’t seem to be an issue with her. She is only 3 years old and has already been alligator, deer, squirrel and turkey hunting, and has seen one of each harvested. She also shoots 3-D with her Diamond Atomic bow. She’s also one of the best sales person you’ll meet at Gator Archery. You can mention hunting, fishing, or shooting to this girl and she’ll beat you to the truck. It’s in her blood and hopefully her love for the outdoors will only grow bigger, just like her.

Some kids grow up in the outdoors and some gain interest in school or after hanging out with friends that are involved. Majority of the time, it’s passed down from the parents and their interest in the outdoors or archery. But it’s the interest of the kids that you have to grasp. That is why archery is a huge movement with youth. Archery is something that even the least physically active person, can enjoy. It doesn’t have to be using archery while hunting. It can be archery in schools, or just archery in the backyard for an activity to get them outside. However, once you put a bow in a kid’s hand, it’s likely they will fall in love with it. It’s something about the challenge of learning how to shoot. How to hold the bow just right to make that perfect shot. Then the love and interest of archery grows from there. Some kids will move on to bigger and better compound bows and take up hunting. Some kids will continue to shoot for their school and end up going to shoot for a college team on a full scholarship. Regardless, the kids are involved. They have now taken interest in the outdoors and archery and have, more than likely, shared their interests with many others. They in turn, will hopefully continue to have the passion for both and share it with their children. The cycle repeats itself and you continue to have more and more outdoorsman and women. (Just ask Henley Greer)

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Elizabeth Greer

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