ReelCamo Girl Product Review - Balleck Outdoors Dry Shower

Dry Shower by Balleck Outdoors is the ultimate 3 in 1 natural scent free dry shower. This dry shower is a dry shampoo, body wash and deodorant all in one. This specific dry shower provides a natural clean with no scent. This is perfect for those backcountry hunters, being scent free is so important when in the field pursuing game.

Some of the best things about this dry shower is if you have no water that’s no problem! You can literally use this product anywhere, anytime. This dry shower is a fine dry powder formula that was made to specifically clean without water!

One of my favorite things about dry shower is the fact that I can use it year-round not only for all my outdoor adventures to include camping and backcountry hunting but also daily life!

I have super fine hair that tends to get oily quickly! I can wash my hair in the morning before work at 0500 and by 2000 that same night it is already looking greasy from all the natural oils on my scalp.

It wasn’t until I purchased this product that I began experimenting to see if I could go without having to wash my hair daily. I am now able to wash my hair every 3 days if I want and my hair doesn’t get oily and have that greasy look. The fine powder this dry shampoo is made of once massaged into the scalp and through the hair dissipates and makes for just shampooed fresh looking hair.

How to use:

Dry Shampoo: Shake a small amount of Dry Shower (a little bit goes a long way) around your hair line and down your part. Then massage into your scalp with your fingertips in the areas applied and work through your hair. Use your brush to help work through and remove extra powder.

Body Wash: Shake a small amount of Dry Shower into your hands or a washcloth and rub directly onto your skin in areas that need to be cleansed. Using circular motions helps those areas that need a little scrubbing. Brush off any excess powder.

Deodorant: Shake a small amount of Dry Shower directly into your arm pits or other areas of your body as needed or shake into your hands and apply to areas. Don’t brush powder away from these areas.

If you are an adventure seeker who camps, backcountry hunts or seeks adventure where water is not always at your disposal this product if for you! If you have used other dry shampoos in the past or use them in your daily life set them aside and give Balleck Dry Shower a try, you won’t be disappointed.  If you need a product to aide in freshening up while adventuring set those scent free wipes aside and pack Ballack Dry Shower travel size in your pack. This product being a dry shower not only offers a dry shampoo but also a body cleanser and deodorant for all those outdoors adventures.

Let’s also take into consideration that this product is paraben- free, gluten-free and a vegan product! Being conscious of the products we use when it comes to our body and health is important so many reasons.


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