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Copy of How To: Prep for Deep Sea Fishing
  • First off, freshwater fishing is less commitment; you can get there when you want and leave when you want (which for me is still before sunrise until after sundown :-P).
  • Freshwater is also less expensive as you can shore fish if you'd like or possibly rent a boat if it's in your budget. Ocean fishing on a boat is more of an event, and unless you know someone with a boat, you'll need to save some money and plan a charter trip to get out there.
  • The biggest difference for me and my area though, is that ocean fishing allows me to go after some really, really, big fish. To me, this is completely worth the cost and effort put into these trips! Who wouldn't want to fill their freezer with some giant yellowtail or some ahi?
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Mallard Duck Calling Tips and Tricks

Most spend multiple hours each week scouting before and during season to find the perfect spot putting them on the “X” for a successful hunt. Once the birds are found and patterned next comes down to having the right gear. A blind that can be blended in to match the surroundings and a decoy spread that is fitting for the size group you are trying to work.  Lastly the hours put into practicing your duck call are crucial. Being able to turn heads and having birds decoy in provides the most ethical and successful hunt.

Listed below are a few tips for beginners learning how to call in order of increasing difficulty:

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Here’s the best way to bait your hook using worms or night crawlers when fishing in fresh waters for recreation.

Keep your bait cool, be prepared to get your hands dirty and bring a knife.

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Let’s gather some essential gear:

·       Fishing License  (purchased annually, online or at your local sporting goods stores and other places)

·       Fishing rod (often referred to as a “pole”)

·       Reel (the contraption that contains and releases the fishing line (string) weight& reel design is based on method and species your fishing

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Ready. Aim. Fire. Tips for Getting the Right Shot.

There are so many factors that hunters should account for when getting ready to take their shot, and ways that we can prepare before we ever step foot into the field.

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Prepping for an Out-of-State Hunt

After several years of applying for a rifle elk tag in Idaho, I finally drew one in 2016. I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement when I saw “Congratulations” on the screen but almost immediately started thinking about all of the prep work I needed to do to get ready. I live in Kentucky. And hunting in Kentucky is nothing like hunting in Idaho. The climate, the terrain, the potential shooting distance…lots of things to consider.

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A Guide To Cleaning And Maintaining your Firearm

To clean and when to clean, that is the question? You should make a habit of cleaning your firearm after each time you shoot your firearm.

I have a designated area for cleaning my firearm, that is clean of any other items. My cleaning workspace is my kitchen table. I give myself at least half of the table so I will have plenty of room to lay things out properly.

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