Here’s the best way to bait your hook using worms or night crawlers when fishing in fresh waters for recreation.

Keep your bait cool, be prepared to get your hands dirty and bring a knife.

·        Keeping your worms and night crawlers cool until use will keep them fresh and minimize movement from those wiggle worms!

·        Remove one worm at a time, set the worm on a stable area, and cut the worm in half or thirds (depending on length)

·       Take a piece of worm with your dominant hand, and bring it to the hook while you it hold with your other hand

·        Pull the worm through the top portion of the body and then thread the hook through the middle portion of the body

·        Leave the bottom portion of the worm hanging or dangling from the hook so it mimics natural swimming movement in the water

·      You can also try hiding the hook with the body of the worm and leave a small portion dangling

·      If you’re baiting with plastic (rubber worms) poke the hoke through the mid-section of worm and position the worm up to the top to the hook point

·      Minnow bait is either shelf stable or live and is easily hooked through its upper and lower lips OR through its back, in front of the dorsal fin

·        Be careful not to poke the hook into your fingers – if you do, wash off area with soap and water as soon as you can, and bandage after applying antiseptic.

That’s it!  You should be hooked!

Keep in mind, any time you can leave a portion of the worm, night crawler, minnow or plastic worm dangling or hanging, it will wave around the water, simulating life under water as it wiggles it calls out “Come and get me” !! The more you fish, the better your technique will be.


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 Illustration credit: http://www.offthehookusa.com/fishing-with-worms/