So you are in the market for a spotting scope? You're looking for something durable, light weight, functional, affordable, and of course the best optics. Now you're thinking that all of that sounds pretty impossible, that you are only going to get a few things off that list to line up. Well let me introduce you to Vanguard Optics.

Vanguard is a woman owned company that manufactures some pretty incredible sporting optics. From spotting scopes to binoculars, every thing I have tried I have been pleasantly surprised with.

I received a pair of Endeavor II 10x42 Binos and the day I received them my husband took them over. He wanted to prove that his Vortex 10x50 binos  (that I paid a fortune for) were better than these. We spent hours looking at deer, elk, and the top of Mt. Nebo. By the time I got the chance to try them out myself my husband wanted to legitimately trade me binos because he liked the durability, functionality, clarity, and over all look of the Vanguard binos. I of course declined his offer and I've been enjoying my Vanguards ever since.

Now when the Endeavor HD 82A spotting scope and tripod showed up the hubby man tried to get his paws on it but I beat him home from work. The one thing that sets this spotting scope apart from it's competitors is the detachable lends. Not only can you purchase other lenses but when you go hiking the detachable angled lens makes it easier to fit in a pack. It is easy to assemble and it is surprisingly light for the size. I wouldn't mind packing it  in scouting trips. 

We took it for its debut run up to our property and my husband said if we can see the Nebo Loop road clearly from here I'm going to be in full support of Vanguard. Well needless to say you could make out the make and model of vehicles that are around 20+ miles away, even through the heat waves objects were still clear. I was impressed. 

The scope handled well in the backpack too. We hiked about a mile up to a lookout and it fit well in the pack, it did start to rain a bit but it is waterproof so I had no worries there,  and the lense caps stayed on! The angled eye piece was easy to attach in the rain and the clarity never faltered in the weather. The fog proof lenses worked great. The tripod is sturdy and I love how small it folds up. Fits easily in the pack as well and it has a quick set up. Even with the wind blowing hard the tripod held the scope in its place and we could still make out the Nebo Loop.


So let's recap, we've got durable, we've got light weight, and we have functional. Now all we are missing is the affordability aspect. Optics are pricey. but let me fill you in on a secret, Vanguard offers a discount code to all of our RCG followers! Check out our website for details, reelcamogirl.com. So now we have met everything we are looking for in optics, and trust me my mind is blown too! You can check out all of their products at www.vanguardworld.us and be sure to watch for the ReelCamo Girl pro page to be up on the Vanguard site, it is in the works!


Chelsie Wilkey - ReelCamo Girl Team Member and Owner of Central Mountain Euros


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