Product Review: Cabela's OutfitHER® 4-in-1 Parka

The past few years have seen a surge in women hunters, and with that, there are finally more options for women’s hunting clothing. From big-box brands, to small boutique brands, women now have more choices than ever for hunting clothes and more options are being added to the line up at a fast pace.

Last fall, I wanted to finally purchase a quality cold-weather hunting coat that would keep me warm during a late October elk hunt in Idaho—where the weather conditions could vary dramatically by the hour—and Kentucky’s November whitetail season—where temperatures normally dip into the single digits or below zero.

After completing online research, looking at various brands, customer reviews and pattern options, and evaluating features and price, I decided to purchase the Cabela’s OutfitHER® 4-in-1 Parka.

Features (from the Cabela’s website):

·         4MOST DRY-PLUS treatment

·         120-gram Cabela's Outfitter Loft XP insulation

·         Three-point adjustable hood

·         Double storm flap covers zip and snap front

·         Two-piece articulated sleeves

·         Gusseted elastic cuffs with hook-and-loop adjustments

·         Two waterproof zippered chest pockets

·         Two snap closure pockets with side handwarmer pockets

·         Reversible (solid color/camouflage) zip-in quilted liner

·         Feminine cut

Size and Fit

For reference, I am 5’ 8” and typically wear a medium coat.

The OutfitHER 4-in-1 Parka is fairly true to size. I ordered a medium and it fit perfectly with two layers (tank top and long sleeve t-shirt) underneath. I would recommend sizing up if you plan to wear thicker layers, or if you prefer a looser fit. The inner layer is a more form-fitting style and may fit tight with multiple layers or thicker clothes underneath.

The women’s fit is not only stylish, but also functional. Because it is form fitted, there are no awkward bulges that get in the way while sitting or shooting a bow. It is slightly tapered at the waist, and the back length provides full coverage while sitting. This coat went to my hips and provided coverage of my lower back without riding up or exposing the tops of my pants while seated.

Additionally, this jacket is fairly lightweight, so it’s easy to move around in, and can be worn with a backpack/frame pack without any issues.



Waterproof: The Cabela’s OutfitHER 4-in-1 Parka is made with Cabela’s Dry-Plus polyurethane treatment that is 100% waterproof and breathable and includes 120 gram Outfitter Loft insulation. During my Idaho elk hunt, I experienced rain and snow, and stayed dry in both conditions. Additionally, the fabric seemed to dry quickly once it was out of the moisture.

Warmth: While the Cabela’s website does not indicate any specific temperature ratings, I personally wore this jacket in temperatures ranging from single digitals to mid 40s and I was comfortable each time I wore it. During the Kentucky whitetail season, I sat for hours in box blinds and tree stands and was very warm.


Windproof: The Cabela’s website does not specifically state anything about this jacket being windproof, but I found it was successful at blocking the wind while sitting in a tree stand.

Pockets: This jacket features a total of 10 pockets. The outer layer includes two zippered chest pockets, two snap-closure pockets and two hand-warmer pockets. The inner layer includes two zippered side pockets on the full camouflage side, and two non-zippered pockets on the solid-colored side. The pockets are a good size for holding cell phone, extra face paint, hand warmers and snacks.

Color options: This jacket is available in multiple camouflage pattern options, providing options for various seasons and terrains. It is very versatile and can be used for hunting a variety of species.

Multiple Jackets: The OutfitHER 4-in-1 Parka is essentially two jackets in one. They can be worn together or separately. I found that the outer layer offers the best water and wind protection, while the inner layer provides the most warmth. Worn together, they are the total package.


Velcro: This jacket includes Velcro around wrists of the outer layer. Velcro is loud, and when hunting whitetail, sound is everything. While this didn’t pose any issues in the field during my hunts, I would recommend adjusting the wrists before heading into the woods.

Hood: Although I like the hood, I had two issues. First, the hood is not insulated; I had to wear a beanie style hat and pull the hood over that. Second, while the hood is adjustable/removable, it can only be used on the outer jacket layer and cannot be attached to the inner layer when worn alone.

Hook-and-Loop System: The inner layer zips into the front of the jacket, but the sleeves are held in place with a hook-and-loop system with a snap button. If the sleeves are not snapped in, they may ride up depending on the type of fabric worn underneath. I always snapped mine into place, and did not personally encounter this issue.

Options and Price

Color options:

·         Cabelas O2 Octane

·         Cabelas Zonz Woodlands

·         Realtree XTRA

Size: XS to 3XL

Price: $199.99*

This jacket is frequently on sale; I purchased it for $159.99 at the beginning of hunting season. usually has a free shipping offer, and offers free site-to-store shipping. This jacket is available in store, although color and size options may be limited.

Warranty: Like every Cabela’s branded item, the OutfitHER 4-in-1 Parka comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Overall Thoughts

I love this jacket! I have been nothing but satisfied with this jacket from day 1. It performed well during my Idaho elk hunt where we encountered snowy, blizzard-like conditions as well as several rainy days. I stayed dry the entire time. And warmth—yes, it’s very warm. I actually had to remove the inner layer because I was actually hot when the temperatures where in the 20s.

I have been so satisfied with this jacket that I ended up buying the matching pants after season when they were on sale. All of the same features of the jacket, in pants! They fit very well and I’m looking forward to wearing the set in the coming fall/winter hunting season.

Sarah Honadel is an avid outdoorswoman from Kentucky, now living in Idaho, who enjoys hunting turkey, deer and elk. She is a Team Member at Huntress View and Brand Champion for ReelCamo Girl, two organizations that work to support, encourage and empower women in the outdoors. Follow her on Instagram @waddysarah and @arrowridgecreations.


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