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So you are in the market for a spotting scope? You're looking for something durable, light weight, functional, affordable, and of course the best optics. Now you're thinking that all of that sounds pretty impossible, that you are only going to get a few things off that list to line up. Well let me introduce you to Vanguard Optics.

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RCG Product Review - Vanguard ENDEAVOR ED II Binoculars

You can see clearly what you are looking at and the optics that are used reduce glare and it is clear and crisp when you look through them.  I like to use mine up at our cabin for looking across the lake at deer and foxes.  Typically there is a glare that comes off the water but when looking through my Endeavor ED II’s none of that appears which is so amazing. 

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My Seasonal Hunting Cleaning Routine

Sadly our turkey season is almost over in SC. Summer is here and deer season seems like an eternity away. I always make a point to stop and do my end of the year backpack and apparel cleaning when the season ends. I hunt multiple species of animals. I have a back pack I keep with all the calls and accessories I use for hunting all species in. I have a backpack packed and ready for fall and winter hunting.

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ReelCamo Girl Announces Partnership with Vanguard

Poway, CA— Outdoor women’s brand ReelCamo Girl is pleased to announce a new partnership with woman owned and operated outdoor gear company, Vanguard.

Now in its 31th year of business, Vanguard’s’s award-winning sporting optics and camera accessories empower hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts and photographers around the world every day. The brand’s binoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes, and hunting packs, as well as its photo-video tripods, ball heads, bags and cases are available in over 76 countries.

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RCG Product Review - Vanguard Pioneer 1600 RT Hunting Backpack

I found it allowed gear to be carried in the field all day comfortably and securely. The water-repellent material is very durable, while the fabric remained soft and quiet due to its high count tricot fabric. These qualities alone are a "must-have" for all hunters.

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