I love my excursions alone in the outdoors, thinking I’m prepared with everything but the kitchen sink, there’s something to be said for being especially prepared with having basic survival items. Basecamp ® EPOD, has a MUST HAVE gadget that includes 20 survival essentials! I’ll be attaching this it to my belt hoop and backpack, during every outdoor adventure!

I hope I never have to use it! I feel better knowing I have it!

EPOD 20pc set by basecamp ® includes

•             2 weights

•             2 floats

•             A ferrous rod (fire striker)

•             Cotton fire tinder

•             An alcohol pad

•             Tin foil

•             Knife blade

•             Carabiner

•             whistle

•             Paracord

•             48" wire

•             2 safety pins

•             A needle

•             A pouch to store it all in

Emergency survival

This one small gadget, has all the big essentials packed up inside of its “POD”.  If you’re ever in a situation where you can’t get to your hard core gear, you’re far away from base tent, no where’s near your vehicle, or you get separated from your buddies for days, you’ll have what you need to survive until help arrives. You can start a fire with the striker and cotton fire tinder, stay warm and cook your food. Catch fish with the hooks, line and sinkers! There are alcohol pads to clean small wounds, an emergency whistle to signal for help, a standard whistle to ward off predators and send signals. The carbineer features a serrated blade, fire strike, flat head and Philips tool, with bottle opener. I LOVE it also has a belt cutter feature. Gosh, I hope I never need that, the thought of dangling from a backpack strap or other, I definitely wonder if my other gear would be as accessible. Probably not, so knowing I would be wearing my EPOD on my belt hoop or pack, brings me comfort. I hope I never have to use it! Best part is that all the essentials are wrapped up and contained inside the provided paracord.  My EPOD arrived inside a cool drawstring reusable pouch. I love my EPOD!

Stay tuned to ReelCamo Girl for info about this survival must have gadget. Cost was only 18.99 plus shipping. A small price to pay for some piece of mind. Something to think out!

I recommend this as an essential piece of survival gear!

Interesting fact about the brand

I like knowing a portion of my purchase will go to support Warrior Spirit Retreat. A place where warriors learn to heal. Founded by Basecamp Brand Ambassador Dan Nevins, the non-profit Warrior Spirit Retreat will empower veteran warriors and their families to greater possibilities by providing them with new tools for healing from the invisible wounds of war. Their program and curriculum is centered on yoga, mindfulness and meditation.  This amazing program is free of charge to veterans and their families. Kudo’s to Dan Nevins for supporting this program, Dan was severely injured in Iraq, when an IED detonated beneath his knees, losing both his legs and lives with a traumatic brain disorder. Dan is putting his own warrior spirit out there as an inspiration for all. Thank you for your service.

Photo credits: SWEDA ® brand products/ basecamp® and Photograph by Dan Master and Photography by Robert Sturman


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