My Seasonal Hunting Cleaning Routine

Sadly our turkey season is over in SC. Summer is here and deer season seems like an eternity away. I always make a point to stop and do my end of the year backpack and apparel cleaning when the season ends. I hunt multiple species of animals. I have a back pack I keep with all the calls and accessories I use for hunting all species in. I have a backpack packed and ready for fall and winter hunting. As well as a backpack for summer and spring hunting. I just add the appropriate hunting calls and accessories for each species in the appropriate seasonal bag. This keeps my bags packed with what I need all year long. The first thing I do is take all my hunting apparel and separate what I can machine wash verses what needs hand washed. Then I dump out all my back packs. I check each backpack to see how much wear and if they need to be replaced. I clean each hunting accessory item with a clorox wipe. I refill my scent cover and restock all items that are low. Then I repack all the seasonal backpacks, and my accessories backpack. Next on the list is rifle cleaning!


Tarra Stoddard

Prois Hunting & Field Rep

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