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Spring Turkey Season: Tips for Before, During and after the Hunt

It’s officially spring. Everything is coming to life again. The days are getting longer. And it means it’s turkey season…the most exciting time of the year! Hunters across the country are getting prepped to get back out into the woods after a couple months of downtown, decked out in camo and ready to bag a big ol’ tom.

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Turkey Hunting; Gear List and Tips

Turkey hunting is so fun, and its delicious too. I have always hunted big game, but I found turkey hunting was really fun, not to mention its usually warmer, and a good way to add another hunt to your year.  A few things I have learned is that no two hunts are exactly the same. Turkeys have nowhere to go and all day to get there, and just when you think you have them figured out, you don’t. 

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No Tom Foolery....Preparing for a Gobbler

As I stumble across turkey tracks during my predator hunt, I am reminded that it is time to put in my spring turkey application for my preferred zone here in Michigan. While I come down emotionally from an unsuccessful deer season, I realize with anticipation that springtime is not far away.

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