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Long ago, before Sarah ( “BS” as my dad likes to say) my parents lived in Arizona and there my dad loved to turkey hunt. The turkeys there were full of acorns, bugs and good flavor. Cooking turkey was simple, it didn’t need much to make it taste amazing. Later on my parents and I moved to Montana when I was five years old. My dad was excited about turkey hunting since turkeys are like rats here. To my father’s unpleasant surprise the turkeys here eat pine nuts and the grass seed he puts out every year. The taste of the turkey meat was bland and quite dry. With the abundance of deer in the area, he directed his hunts towards them. Until I was legally allowed to bow hunt.

I grew up in the backwoods of Hamilton, Montana and I was always the last one to get on the bus in the morning. I would sit on the porch every morning and listen for that old yellow school bus to come up the dirt road. One morning as I waited I saw the turkeys go strutting by. I randomly got a wild hair and I grabbed my bow and some arrows with broad heads. I started at a full out sprint around to the front of the house. As I came around the corner the turkeys saw me and took off flying/ running away. My mother likes to tell people how she witnessed out the kitchen window the turkeys run by and I quickly followed at full draw after them. Arrows and feathers were flying. I finally hit one and the bird expired. I walked up to the turkey with feathers, dirt and blood all over my school clothes but I was so excited and proud. I turned around to my father giving me a very frightening look. He said to me “you are going be late for school”. “The school bus hasn’t come yet!” I said. “ No” he replied “but you’re going stay home and pluck it. You shot it, you pluck it.” Now I spent the next hour pulling more feathers out of my nose, eyes, and ears then I did out of that turkey.

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My poor mother for the next several years tried to make the turkey more flavorful. Without deep frying it, we didn’t have much luck. About 4 years ago when I came home from my freshman year of college, a similar experience happened but she came up with a recipe that would make any turkey taste delicious and it very simple to make.

Turkey BOMBs

*note. I do not have exact measurements because it depends on personal preference and size of the turkey.


  1. Skinned Turkey Breasts
  2. Jalapenos (or other hot pepper)
  3. Cheese (whatever you prefer)
  4. 8 oz. Cream Cheese
  5. 1-2 packages of Bacon


1. Lay the skinned turkey breasts flat. Then slice the breast parallel with the table to create a pocket in the breast. Then set it aside

2. Chop jalapenos( or another type of pepper) and grate some cheese (cheddar). Combine in a bowl with 8 oz. of cream cheese and make a paste.

3. Stuff the paste into the pockets until full.

4. Next take Bacon slices and wrap it around the breasts to cover all over the turkey meat.

5. Bake at 325 degrees for 45 to 60 mins (depending on the size) and or until the juices run clear.

*Taste great with any veggies and wild rice.

* The tenders under the breast can be used as well, just have to pound them flat and roll like burrito.



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