Meet Abigail Malson, a sweet, mild mannered girl from Ohio. Calling herself an “average” every-day – girl, she is EVERYTHING but average!  I first met Abby at our local ladies chapter of A Girl and A Gun. She was new, reserved and I noticed her gentle smile right away! Her kindness is genuine. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she delves into our sport of shooting, pistols, shotguns, rifles…turns out she’s a natural! Everyone loves Abby, we can already tell “she’s going to be a special part of our club!” Not long thereafter, we meet her husband Jacob, outgoing, and supportive, fun-loving, and geek-of-a-good-guy! Jacob and Abby are so in love and this will come into view later on.

During the first few years Abby gradually expressed interest in competitions, but did not really know what she wanted to do with that interest. She’s been active in our club for a while now and she went with a group of us to the 2015 AGAG National Conference in Texas. This would ignite more interest in competitive shooting, specifically in 3-Gun (Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns). Those hard-core, high profile 3-Gun matches are for the physically fit, well trained, and super experienced: at least that’s what she had stuck in her head! Not letting that deter her and with the support of fellow AGAG members she went out and tried a local match with what she had at the time and placed last.  That did not matter to her as she had the time of her life and met a wonderful group of people.  She started doing research, training, and following professional shooters online and looked at what they do. Abby also started signing up for more local matches and found out that she can do this. She’s already a sponsored shooter with Viktor’s Legacy Gunsmithing, FatBoy Tactical, TACCOM, FALCON 37, Dip Werx, Urbandale Gun Club, and a few others. I’m thinking, she’s got this!  

Jacob is aware that Abby has been down on herself, not exactly accepting of the body she is in, but he supports her regardless and pushes her to continue to do the sport that she loves. According to Abby, it’s her confidence. It needs some work and while she feels like she could lose a few pounds, in actuality, it’s a little more than a “few”.  She decides to join a local gym.  Fast forward, fitness is now on her mind and she starts working out, A LOT! Perhaps you’ve seen her Tuesday training videos. Diving in with gusto, and not accepting physical or mental limitations. Always telling herself “I can do this,”  “I can achieve it,” “it’s possible, I’m doing it!” Matches, competitions, training, eating right, learning, growing, doing ALL the right things! I think people are taking notice, asking “who is that 3-Gun Abby?” She’s so cool, calm, focused! This girl I know is NOT letting ANYHTHING get in her way. Working so very hard in every aspect of life.  In October of 2015 Abby and Jacob found out that she was pregnant, but she continued to try and improve. Her pregnancy was thought to be going well. Before you go into congratulations mode, it saddens me to share, with Abby’s permission, that in February, 2016, she gave birth to a son, Gabriel, at just over 22 weeks. He was born too prematurely and unfortunately passed away shortly thereafter.

Broken and despaired, this is not the end of Abby and her hubby. Together they rally. Abby realizes this agonizing heartbreak needs to be harnessed. “This loss needs to mean something, not the end, but the beginning, turning this into a positive.” With that, her attitude about self-image changed. Instead of thinking “nobody wants to see a fat girl work out,” she’s sharing with everyone what a REAL-GIRL looks like. “This is what I do to improve myself. It may not look flattering and it’s exposing a vulnerable side and I am ok with that.” That summer, she recalls one gun match that had horrible time and shooting results.  There was a meltdown, and after taking time to regroup and get a grip on her attitude there was heart-to-heart with her squad that she swears, changed her life!  Abby will tell you, the people she’s met in this sport are incredible, generous, giving and knowledgeable. Always willing to help. She avoids the drama and is laser focused on the goals at hand. Her loss, was the catalyst, it’s her way of shouting out a reason for healthier life, doing it for what would have been. Working towards her dreams and encourage others to look inside themselves. “If you think you’re not able to challenge yourself, or it’s not possible, you have to look deeper, stop making excuses, nothing in life is so bad that you can’t make things better!” Trust Abby, she knows!

Jacob at her side and encouraging her all the way, ultimately, it’s Abby who gets up at 4:30 am to do workouts! {They still video tape them to check improvement and get others motivated!} Now down 45lbs+, she not stopping there. There’s another 80-100lbs to go. Ab’s enjoys helping others, and looks to get more involved as a competitor, “it’s a LONG-TERM mixture of goals”, she says. She will stop with the weight loss, when her body tells her it’s at a happy sustainable weight. The matches will happen and no doubt, amazing possibilities await 3-Gn Abby!

Currently setting her sights towards professional competitions, and still in the amateur arena, she wants you all to know “She’s someone to be reckoned with!” I BELIEVE in her, Jacob believes in her, and most importantly she believes in herself! That’s already a winning attitude! 

Look for 3-Gun Abby at upcoming events including, but not limited to: -Rockcastle Pro Am 3-Gun, KY -Brownells Ladies Multigun Fall Festival ⋆ A Girl and A Gun,  -Las Vegas, January 2018. 

Abby’s gear, includes: - Rifle:  custom built AR15 w/ Anderson Mfg. lower/upper and light weight BCG, Fat Boy Tactical Blue Trigger, Falcon 37 Habu charging handle, Vortex Strike eagle 1-6x scope, Mitculek comp - Shotgun: Modified Mossberg 930 JM Pro with extreme extension tube from Taccom .  - Pistol: Rock Island Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm with trigger modifications. 

Run those guns Abby!! You’re an inspiration for all of us to believe in the possible!


Sherri R. Trivisonno

Products Expert, Paulich Specialty Company

Leadership Team Member A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League

Range Safety officer, Hunter, Outdoor Sportswoman

ReelCamo Girl Brand Champion


Facebook: Sherri Trivisonno

Instagram: @sherritrivisonno


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