ReelCamo Girl Product Review - Razor Slim Shooter Folding Muff

Walker's Razor Slim Shooter Folding Muff. These are ultra-low-profile muffs with two omnidirectional microphones. You can hear everyone talking at the gun range and protect your hearing every time a shot is fired. And they are available in just about every color too.

I have a hard time shooting with muffs on because of how large (wide) they are so I would wear plugs when target shooting. If I was at the range for more than an hour, my ears would start to hurt with plugs in because my ear canals are small and plugs just don’t do as good of a job in my opinion. And, you have to yell at your fellow shooting partners because you think they can’t hear you and you miss out on laughable moments. Then I found these. From a bench, kneeling, on shooting sticks or prone, the Razor muffs don’t interfere with the butt-stock of my rifle allowing me to get on target quickly and pull the trigger with confidence that my aim isn’t off because of how I’m holding my rifle. I also don’t miss out on hearing where my shots are from my spotter. I tend to shoot with at least one other person, so we are always cracking jokes and it’s nice to be included in the conversation without the risk to your hearing. It only takes one shot to do damage.

Check out GSM Outdoor Brands for other reviews and purchasing options for the Razor Slim Shooters and other high quality ear protection options.


Jessica Haavisto

ReelCamo Girl Pro-Staff


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