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RCG Product Review - Grizzly Coolers

I have the 100 qt Grizzly cooler. We needed one large enough for the boat because we use it to go fishing in the Keys. They logo-ed the top with the ReelCamoGirl logo and it looks great. The logo is positioned under a cutting board on top so it will never get scratched. The cooler comes with a very handy ruler on the top, which is perfect for fishing as many times you need to measure fish to see if they are large enough to keep.

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Camping & My Family

I love camping. I couldn’t wait until my girls were old enough to appreciate it for all of it’s glory. This past summer my girls were 12 and 13, and finally willing to go. Over the years I have been keeping in mind things my mother had done for us as a child along with things I had seen on Pinterest.


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Let’s camp, explore, hike, roll around in the mud and yes, let’s chill out doing it!  What’s that? You’ve never camped out before? No kidding! This is perfect! Call a friend NOW, ask to barrow a tent, sleeping bag and a flashlight, get a good book, and pack some snacks then GO! That’s pretty much what you need to get started! 

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