Let’s camp, explore, hike, roll around in the mud and yes, let’s chill out doing it!  What’s that? You’ve never camped out before? No kidding! This is perfect! Call a friend NOW, ask to barrow a tent, sleeping bag and a flashlight, get a good book, and pack some snacks then GO! That’s pretty much what you need to get started! 

First Timers: Set up in your back yard for a night or two. You’ll figure out fast what you need for the real thing! Yes, you can bring your cell phone, we suggest inserting it into backpack for safe keeping or hang it up high in your tent so you’re not tempted to use it while you’re “unplugging”! Now let the “recharge” begin!

Breathe!  It’s ok to take time for yourself! It’s ok to test it out, no need to go hard core camping on your first time out. Plan on a one night to rest, watch the stars, listen to the birds chirp in the morning and take a brisk walk to wake the senses while exploring nature in your own back yard.

Seasoned Campers and newbies - you have options!

-        Some girls like to “rough-it” while others like luxuries like a hot shower with a cooked meal prepared for them fireside while someone preps a soothing hot tub for a dip in the moonlight!

-        Hammock camping is trending now. If you can budget for module pod camping equipment, build a city of tent pods that connect to each other. Your  friends can meet up and join you for some weeklong adventures, star gazing and indoor tent activities.

-        Try camping without a tent: simple sleeping bag under the stars during warmer seasons makes for an amazing recharge adventure.

-        Perhaps you choose to set up camp where you can chop wood for your fires to keep warm and prepare your own meals.

-        Challenge yourself to fish for your lunch and hunt for your dinner.

-        Super recharge by keeping it simple! Bring prepacked meals, thermos of coffee or a cooler of your favorite bottled spring water.

Invite your girlfriends to join you too!

Have an understanding that you’ll all need some “time-to-unwind”, knowing that prior to heading out, you will each appreciate your recharge adventure!

-        Plan equal parts alone time and planned activity time.

-        Hit some public parks with a variety of hunting/fishing/hiking options.

-        Remember, relax, no pressure. Whatever makes you happiest. Ok to break off alone or in groups.

-        Do as much or as little as you want- it’s YOUR time to chill.

-        Meditate, stretch, open your mind, release your stress, enjoy the outdoors!

-        Every girl needs time to for herself and the benefits could last till your next camp out – so camp out often!

-        Explore 13,000 public campgrounds in the US and Canada.

-        Bring your own gear or barrow what you need and invest in good solid equipment as you go, you will use it often! 

-        Make it a regular Girls-Camping-Out “thing”.

Here are some additional ways to unplug and relax while in the comfort of your camping area.

-        pack a variety of optional items:

o    yoga mat

o   organic facial masks

o    nail polish

o    favorite novel and magazines

o    high powered binoculars for bird watching

o    telescope for night time astronomy

o   wrist pedometer for daytime step counting

o   Be sure bring a monocular for scouting

o   NEVER leave home without your compass, a map of where you are and where you are going (GPS coordinates work best)

o   DO leave at home the laptop and list of work chores! Ugh!  

backyard camping.jpg

Data shows that sleeping outdoors can be rejuvenating and significantly reduce stress over time…so camp often! 


Sherri R. Trivisonno

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