RCG Product Review - Grizzly Coolers

Grizzly - Bear resistant, heavy duty coolers.

There are so many thing to love about these coolers! Grizzly has created a line of coolers and other outdoor products that not only keep your food, fish, meat, ice, etc. super cold, but also look awesome!

I have the 100 qt Grizzly cooler. We needed one large enough for the boat because we use it to go fishing in the Keys. They logo-ed the top with the ReelCamoGirl logo and it looks great. The logo is positioned under a cutting board on top so it will never get scratched. The cooler comes with a very handy ruler on the top, which is perfect for fishing as many times you need to measure fish to see if they are large enough to keep.

Grizzly’s coolers are rotomolded coolers, which means there is a single, seamless piece of plastic rather than multiple pieces. these have been approved by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) as Bear Resistance Certified, which means the products meet IGBC bear-resistant design and structural standards.

This cooler has many user friendly features such as molded handles as well as rope handles that are flexible, which helps when carrying large loads!

Grizzly has some of the best ice life in the market. I knew the ice retention was great based on my own personal experience. Fishing and diving in the Florida Keys in August is HOT WORK! I also looked at many online reviews and Grizzly holds up against all other big name competitors.

The 2 inch drainage caps are quite impressive. They allow for quick drainage and if there are any small pieces of debris in the cooler, it will also allow for them to pass.

I love that they are Made in the USA and some with a lifetime warranty.

Remember! If you travel with your coolers like I do, please be sure to check airline policies for size and weight limits.

If I had to change something? There isn’t much, although…

1) I wish it had wheels. This cooler is strong and sturdy but can get heavy quickly, starting at 38 lbs empty.

2) I wish the drainage caps were somehow connected to the cooler. Knowing me, I would remove it like a gas cap and leave it sitting somewhere.


Lauren Hill- Lesagonicz
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