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5 Essential Gear Items For Late Season Rifle

Late season is a challenge for any type of species and hunting terrain. Your gear can help make your hunt easier which will in turn up your probability of success. Here are 5 essential items to have with you on your hunt.

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RCG Product Review - Grizzly Coolers

I have the 100 qt Grizzly cooler. We needed one large enough for the boat because we use it to go fishing in the Keys. They logo-ed the top with the ReelCamoGirl logo and it looks great. The logo is positioned under a cutting board on top so it will never get scratched. The cooler comes with a very handy ruler on the top, which is perfect for fishing as many times you need to measure fish to see if they are large enough to keep.

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Hunting with a Gift - A Hunting Mother's Story

As I sat there in my stand, so many thoughts ran through my head. I knew everything was about to change. Even though I was full of joy in my heart, I was also full of doubt in my mind. Just then a doe came out with her baby. While watching them, I realized a mother's instinct would naturally kick in. That's when a feeling of peace overpowered my doubt. I might've ended the weekend empty handed, but my heart was overflowing with happiness.

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