Two Mistakes Women Make When Hunting with Men


Females are the minority within the male-dominated sport of hunting. Although the total

number of women hunters has grown after holding steady for many years, we still only make

up 11 percent of the hunting population, according to Census Bureau statistics.

You know what they say, “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” This famous quote

holds true even when hunting. The difference in emotion, communication, skills and abilities

can make hunting side-by-side difficult, but also very rewarding.

What is it that a woman can do differently next time she’s in the field with a man hunting? Here

are two big mistakes women make and how to fix them.

Not speaking up: Women lose in the field when they don’t speak up and sit quietly by a man’s

side. Whether you’re an expert or beginner hunting, it’s your job on (and off) the field to ask

questions, give advice and have input. It not only helps you grow as a hunter, but helps a man

learn, too.

Acting like a know it all: No one likes a know it all whether it’s at work, home or in the field. It

always feels rewarding to show off your knowledge, but try to keep yourself in check. Men

thrive in an environment where they typically are the leader, so they’ll feel more inclined to

teach, share and learn if they don’t feel overwhelmed with too much chatting and advice.

And trust me, there are mistakes men make when hunting with women. It’s definitely not one-

sided. Maybe another blog post on that one day?

What advice do you have for men and women when hunting with the opposite sex?


About the Author:

Carly Brasseux

RCG Brand Champion


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