Is Reloading Necessary?

Is reloading necessary? No. But the sub MOA guaranteed rifle I purchased deserves the best I can feed it. MOA stands for Minute of Angle which is 1/60th of a degree, or just barely over 1 inch at 100 yards. Now some people may be happy with rifles that can place shots consistently in a 1 inch diameter circle (the farthest shots in the group being at the 1 inch diameter mark). I am not. Some rifles are guaranteed to consistently place shots within half that 1 inch diameter which is where I'd like to be. Modern ammunition is pretty darn good but still commercially produced. I want as close to perfect and consistent as I can get. Every single round of hand loaded ammunition goes through the QA/QC process. Plus, I like shooting targets for stress relief so why not put in the time and keep it interesting? Potential game, potential hunting environments and climate conditions, powders, pressures, velocities, bullets, seating depths, primers and brass etc. offer numerous possible combinations to try, log and store for future reference. By reloading for myself I also build the confidence in my rifle, optics and personal ability to make the best shot possible with each rifle I own when the opportunity knocks. Obsessed? Maybe.



Jessica Haavisto

ReelCamo Girl Pro-Staff


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