Pictured here is my shooting sister, Mary Lang. (yes, we call her “Uncle Mary”, that’s another story, has to do with nieces, nephews and the pronunciation of “auntie” vs “uncle”).

Let’s get to the hunt! I’ve known Mary for 4 years. She is a an avid shooter, a Chief Range Safety Officer at our local ladies shooting club and an all-around good cookie! When she approached me about her dream to hunt, it was a no brainer to get-her-outdoors and DO IT! To date she hasn’t had a harvest of any kind. It’s such a awful feeling to think it might not ever happen and for some it never does. Not for a lack of trying, the opportunities just never seemed to present themselves and some people aren’t the asking type. Uncle Mary’s been following our stories on ReelCamo Girl ® and her “want” was there, but the “how to get it” needed working on. Knowing she’s a good shot and hearing from her first hand that she’s looking to boost her confidence; I knew just the place to take her on her first hog hunt. We planned our trip months ago. Booked it and laid out a plan for Mary to get into tip-top shape. We need to make sure she’s conditioned for the steep hike up the grown up hills of Ohio and then get ready for the long walk to stalk! Uncle Mary became inspired to quit smoking and immediately begin a regiment of healthier eating and plenty of exercise. She chose walking and hiking to get her jump started. She’s went at it for months, slow and steady! I’m so proud of her!

Fast forward: We arrived Wednesday to Salt Creek Hunting Preserve, S. Bloomingville, Ohio. I’d been there several times before. Confident they would give her the full-hunting-experience, I knew Mary was ready, you could see it in her eyes! Up the hill we went, she carries an AR 15 style  Del-Ton .223, some water, and plenty of enthusiasm. Hiking what seemed like hours, we spot a few hogs, about 50 yards and some further out. Thinking we should get a closer look, we carefully crept in for better view of soon to be bacon! Now it was time to secure a spot, get selective, and square up her firearm. She’s reminded that she needs to breathe, stay calm and focus. Nothing else matters right now! YOU ARE READY- YOU GOT THIS! Uncle Mary raises her firearm, gets one sighted in, double, triple checks her target and beyond. After making some positon adjustments, she takes a cleansing breath, exhales a little, then slowly, calmly, laser focused, Uncle Mary squeezes the trigger – BAAM! HOG DOWN!    

You should see the celebratory look on Uncle Mary’s face! PRICELESS! So cool to see her reaction. SHE DID IT! Mary did it! Mary pulled the trigger and did it! It’s a beauty! 125lbs.  Our guide, Eric, calls out into the walkie-talkie, “we got a hog down – send up the Kubota!

Both Mary and remain at the site, her celebration is underway and lots of grins and congratulations are in order, we take picture! Out guide returns with helper. Andy, local gal Mary, and Mark start in on field dressing. Uncle Mary is eager to dive in and learn. Together they field dressed her swine then hoist it up into the 4-wheeler. The Hog goes down to camp, where it will hang for a while until its ready to butcher. Pork meat cuts up much better after it rests a bit and isn’t so warm. A hang in the cooler is perfect on this hot muggy day of nearly 90 degrees. We continue on our adventure then finally return to camp. Later that day Uncle Mary is all in with skinning and getting her hands right in there! We finished the night next to the campfire, playing cards and enjoying Mary’s story of success!  A story she will be sure to take back to those nieces and nephews too!

What an awesome thing to share with someone. It’s joyful to see someone work hard to achieve a goal they set for themselves!  Its inspiring. Mostly, it’s gratifying!

Thank you for letting me be small part of that day Mary. It’s always a pleasure to help others “Dream it ~ Live it!”.


Sherri R. Trivisonno

Products Expert, Paulich Specialty Company

Leadership Team Member A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League

Volunteer Range Safety officer, Hunter, Outdoor Sportswoman

ReelCamo Girl Brand Champion


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