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Adventure, Doubt, & Determination

I’ve been here before, had success with Ram, Antelope, Watusi and Hogs. My one and ONLY white tail deer was on Dec 4, 2015, button buck. Now, I’m back, where I’ve had good luck, down here in Southern Ohio, 4 hours from home. Its 29 degrees outside, 52 degrees in my cabin. There’s a cozy campfire going outside and I’m hardly able to sleep. The morning would bring the best possible adventure of all, or would it? 

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Let’s get to the hunt! I’ve known Mary for 4 years. She is a an avid shooter, a Chief Range Safety Officer at our local ladies shooting club and an all-around good cookie! When she approached me about her dream to hunt, it was a no brainer to get-her-outdoors and DO IT! To date she hasn’t had a harvest of any kind. It’s such a awful feeling to think it might not ever happen and for some it never does. Not for a lack of trying, the opportunities just never seemed to present themselves and some people aren’t the asking type. Uncle Mary’s been following our stories on ReelCamo Girl ® and her “want” was there, but the “how to get it” needed working on.

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