We all strive to eat healthier, feel better and have more stamina as we hunt for days, weeks and months at-a-time!

Common sense tells us, if we eat bad foods, fried, nasty, sugar laden, “weigh you down” foods, you are going to feel awful for days!  How can we conquer our next adventure if we can’t get up off the couch? Eating better now can help you have a healthier hunt later. Let’s get right to the point!

·        No one wants to get slowed down on an outdoor adventure due to lack of energy or depletion of nutrients.

·        You can start today with making good food choices for building stamina and going the long haul when you’re out in the wilderness.

·        Spring is here: start a heart healthy garden filled with fresh greens and delicious berries and tasty fruits.

·        While you’re waiting for the garden to grow, meal prep from the “garden section” at your local grocery store or market.

·        Don’t concern yourself with portions – focus on CONTENT – variety of green veggies – fruit- nuts – berries – lean meats and fish.

·        Keep it clean – clean body starts with water and clean foods, chemical free snacks and minimal amounts caffeine and alcohol

·        Moderation is the key to portion control and treating yourself to snacks and other temptations.

·        Let your body detox and feel rejuvenated from fresh good clean eating and creative infused water ( shown is cucumber, raspberry, lemon, lime and fresh ginger with filtered water)


·       Try blending breakfast to take on-the-go: banana, blueberries, fresh baby spinach and your favorite almond or soy milk. Add ice cubes/blend.

·       Pack several meals for the day and do enough for the week if you can.

·       Change up your salads with interesting new ingredients: pumpkin seeds, spiced walnuts, dried cranberries, toasted almonds, sprouts, orange segments, avocado, coconut  shavings, soy beans, dried beet slices, dehydrated bananas, fresh chopped kale, sliced date or figs, pomegranate seeds and so many other tasty options.

·       choose foods and snacks rich in nutrients, high fiber, vitamins and minerals.

·       encourage better eating habits by making your meals more visually appealing by adding colorful veggies and garnishes.

·       introduce new foods slowly and add more vegetables and carbs for stamina, add fruits and nuts for sustainability and add lean meats to go the distance.

Work your garden as it grows.

Maintaining a garden is great physical exercise and the perfect discipline that invites you outdoors at any time of day or evening. You don’t need acres of land for healthy eating. A small yard plot will do. Patio gardens are awesome for tight spaces. Seeds can be started indoors and brought outside once they’ve reached maturity. Gardening is a way of life or a relaxing hobby – you decide how much or how little you want to work at it. “You reap what you sow”.

The benefits of a home garden are outstanding and you’ll feel super terrific knowing you produced home grown organic foods for you and your family!

Look for Gardening “HOW-TO’S” and “Gardening Tips” in upcoming ReelCamo Girl publications.

Change your eating habits slowly, consult your physician for any radical changes.

Keep in mind, any time you change up your food intake, your body goes through changes. Each one of us has different nutrient needs and require certain types of foods to keep us active and going through the day. Hunting takes more than packing up gear and going outside!  Any kind of hunting, fishing, outdoor activities are in –of-themselves good for us, but be mindful, that our bodies need to be in good working order to hike those mountains, run those 5K’s, fish the rivers, deep sea dive and even just sitting in a tree stand requires stamina and good physical health. Good health starts from the inside. Start by eating better for a healthier hunt!

***We are not licensed nutritionists nor hold any medical degrees. For information about how you can make better food choices, consult your physician or personal trainer.


Sherri R. Trivisonno

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