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My First Turkey

It was a chilly, April morning in 2016 when we got up and ready to go hunt. Once my brother and niece arrived, we loaded up and headed out. The sun was rising when we got to our location, so my husband started calling to try and locate the birds. We slowly made our way down to the bottoms where we though they'd be. Once we heard that first gobble, we knew they were close, so we got set up in a hurry.

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Wild Turkey Roll-Ups

Self admittedly, this was my very first time cooking with wild turkey. As I unpacked the wild game, my heart fluttered with excitement. I’ve always been told that wild turkey is fantastic, much more delicious, tender and juicy, than any turkey you can buy in the store.  And boy, they weren’t lying when they told me that! You’ll see for yourself!

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