RCG Product Review - Skeleton Optics, Stampedes

I am a busy Mom of 3 girls, a wife, and an owner of two businesses. I also happen to LOVE the outdoors and never seem to have enough time to go fishing or hunting.  I was excited to receive my Skeleton Optics Stampedes because the glasses looked beautiful and stylish. I hoped they would also function the way an outdoorsman and busy mom needed them to. I needed shades that I could use in my  outdoor activities as well as for trips to school or the dentist with the kids. So I put them to the test. 

This past Saturday was #EarthDay so what better day to #OptOutside and test out my new Stampedes? I hiked 2.5 miles up the mountains called Twin Peaks behind where I live. The first thing I noticed when I put on my glasses was that I could see everything. It was instantly clear to me that Skeleton Optics had put some major thought into the lenses they were using. Their lenses, powered by Zeiss technology, surpassed anything I have ever tried or purchased. 

On a typical day I wear my Michael Kors aviators. They are good looking but no have practically no field functionality as it relates to shielding and protecting my eyes from UV rays and lenses and aren't polarized which are is necessity outdoors; particularly when fishing. The instant I put on these glasses it was like going from looking at a Cathode Ray Tube Television set (old TV's) to a brand new state of the art High Def Digital TV. These glasses give me complete UV protection with glare reduction polarized lenses and clear vision.  Everything was clearer and the disparity on colors were amazing. I could see the slightest of movements in the hills which is something I don't get with my other everyday glasses. Quail, rabbit, dove, coyotes and even snakes were clear and spotted quickly because these lenses are so clear and crisp.

Typically I hike up the mountain and trail run the way down. I was curious as to if the glasses would stay put or if my running and sweat would cause them to move. They didn't move. Not only did they stay put, I didn't even notice them. They are lightweight and the craftsmanship of the frames are incredibly comfortable. My sweat didn't cause the lenses to cloud up....another bonus. 

In the afternoon I took the kids to the beach. Not only was it a beautiful day to be there, but it also gave me a chance to test the glasses near the water. The first thing I noticed was the great cut in glare. The polarized lenses cut down on the glare which helps reduce eye fatigue in the bright sun and are essential to see light and dark areas in the water which is important when fishing or looking for dive spots. These lenses allowed me to through the glare and see into the water. The cut in glare was so impressive I had to keep checking my skin to see if it was dry and needed more sunscreen because it looked dry and didn't have to sunscreen glow. The only issue I had at the beach, is that my girls kept stealing them because they looked "really cool" with them on. 

Overall I was highly impressed with these glasses. If I were to change one thing (and it's a minor one) I would prefer to have a hard case for the glasses to protect them. I am often guilty of tossing frames into my purse. I enjoyed these Stampedes so much I want them to be around for a LONG time. 

Any busy, outdoors Mom would LOVE to have these glasses. Even if they don't love the outdoors any person would love to have these high quality glasses. They are functional and fashionable.  The Stampedes are specifically made for women, but Skeleton Optics offers several other  unisex frames. Check them out at SkeletonOptics.com

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From the Skeleton Optics Website:

The Stampede is our signature female frame design, refined and fashionable fusing style and performance.


  • Polarized Polycarbonate lenses by Zeiss with 100% UV Protection
  • Advanced TRI-PEL coating to promote clear vision
  • Premium hard coating for scratch resistance and impact resistance for sports activates
  • Grilamid® TR-90 Frame for lasting durability
  • Highly Resistant to chemicals
  • Base Curve of 8
  • DBL: 19mm
  • Temple Length: 130mm
  • Lens Size A/B: A58 x B43
    • Designed and Manufactured in Italy

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