New Firearms that caught my eye at SHOT SHOW 2019

If there is anything that makes me feel like a kid in a candy store, it is going into a gun store and checking

out everything from the latest and greatest to the consignment options that someone decided they

didn’t want anymore. It goes without saying that attending SHOT SHOW for the first time this year was

like the best Christmas and Birthday party all rolled into one multiplied by at least ten. To top it off,

Industry Day at the Range happens first, and I was also fortunate enough to be able to go and shoot

several firearms prior to a mental mind-blowing of five floors of new products in the firearms industry.

For those of you familiar with the following companies and products, I might not be telling you anything

new. I just hope that you get a little bit of the feeling and excitement of what it’s like for a small-town

girl to attend the biggest firearms show on earth.

The following is a list of firearms that I shot at Industry Day at the Range as well as rifles, shotguns and

pistols that I looked at on the showroom floor. I felt it was important as a woman in the industry to

check out a little of everything as many of us are into all different types of shooting activities from

competition and hunting to self-defense. First up, the Barrett MRAD 6.5 Creedmoor. Not a new rifle by

any means, but not something that you see everyday on the range unless you’re using one on duty or

have the thousands to shell out on purchasing one. Now, I’ve shot a .50 before by Barrett so I am very

familiar with their quality and the company’s attention to detail. The MRAD is fully adjustable for a left-

or right-handed shooter and is extremely easy to shoot. The Barrett spotters at Industry Day at the

Range only gave us at REELCAMO GIRL a brief hesitated look when I requested to shoot their farthest

target at 1150 yards instead of the closer targets and we let them fly. With a target far enough away and

virtually no recoil, watching the bullet hit the target in the scope made it all worth it. Hearing “that’s

pretty good for a gun you’ve never shot before” makes a gal feel pretty good too. What they don’t


know, is how much time I spend at the range. For all available options regarding the MRAD, visit


A couple of Springfield Armory’s new pistols were my next favorite to shoot. The new 911 model in 9mm

is exactly as they describe it on their website: Unobtrusive, accurate and reliable. Quite a few peoplehad put rounds through this handgun before I got to it. I put 9 of my 10 rounds in the round swivel on

the top of a torso shaped piece of steel. No jamming, smooth pull, and I felt as comfortable shooting this

if not more than when I shoot my XDS in 9mm or my full size SigP220 in .45. It measures 3.9” tall and

5.9” in length making it just larger than Springfield’s model .380 which would make this a breeze to

conceal. Other benefits are a loaded chamber indicator and an ambidextrous safety. There are also

options to carry this pistol with a 6+1 or 7+1 magazine. If you are looking for a pistol to carry concealed

on your person, in a pocket, backpack or purse, this would be my go-to.


For something a little larger, check out Springfield’s new top of the line 1911 TRP 10mm RMR. This pistol comes with either a 5” or 6” barrel and even the option of a Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) sight milled into the slide. The sight stands up to the force of firing a 10mm round and its shape deflects stress on the glass to provide durability and longevity. This was a fun pistol to shoot as well. For more on Springfield’s massive lineup of new quality handguns for 2019, visit


If you’re a Browning fan, the X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon SPEED is pretty slick. At 6.5 pounds, I was a little curious how it would shoot and what the recoil would be like. Out of the box the rifle comes bedded in a lightweight composite stock and the barrel is free-floated. The A-TACS AU Camo looks like it would blend into several environments especially where I hunt in the Southwest. The Cerakote finish in bronze adds to it’s durability and clean look. At Industry Day, I shot this rifle in .308 without a break on it. The recoil was light, and I was able to see my bullet hit the steel in the scope. I also liked the removable mag that comes out by opening the bottom metal. There are no aftermarket parts needed here. For more info, visit


Moving on to firearms inside the actual show exhibits. Remington has some cool guns in their lineup. The Model 870 12 gauge Express Tactical 6 position stock makes shooting a shotgun in competition or in self-defense almost easy for anyone no matter your shape or size. And, the folding stock option makes transport and storage a heck of a lot easier too. Keeping with the self-defense theme, the new RM380 Micro Executive 2.9” feels good in the hand as well. I preferred the feel of the Executive edition with laminate grips. I felt like there was a little more substance there in my hand. But the base models available in black, silver and teal options offer just as much style and function. This pistol is loaded with top of the line features including an ambidextrous mag release, an optimized grip angle for recoil management and comfort, an extended beavertail for correct grip and hand protection, smooth sights and a double action only trigger for safety. For Remington’s full lineup visit


Just for fun, I checked out Nosler’s Model 48NCH Independence. As with many ammunition, brass and barrel manufacturers lately, Nosler has gone ahead and started producing rifles. More recently, they made a handgun based on their Model 48. This bolt-action handgun is built on a billet aluminum stock with a bedded action and free-floated barrel. Handgun hunters have been turning in successful hunt stories for a long time now to Nosler. Several short-action calibers are available as well as different Cerakote colors, a fluted or non-fluted barrel and optional muzzle break. To add to the NCH’s customization, you can put almost any aftermarket AR grip on it. Standard barrel length is 15”, though you can custom order shorter or longer. Without modifications, the handgun weighs 5.4 pounds without a scope or mounts. It’s almost enticing enough to start a new hobby of handgun hunting! Visit for more information.


After coming home mentally exhausted and absolutely thrilled, I have a plan for next year’s SHOT SHOW already in place. I’m going to spend more time researching before I go, take an extra day off, and make sure I see even more of what all of us are going to be able to own very soon.


Jessica Haavisto

ReelCamo Girl Pro-Staff


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