3 Cool Things We Saw at SHOT Show 2019 Range Day

ReelCamo Girl had great representation at SHOT Show 2019—including pro-staffers Jessica Haavisto, Cherri Teutsch, Kelly McIntosh, and yours truly.

One of the unique opportunities some of us were afforded was attending Industry Day at the Range in Boulder City, NV. This is an invite-only event for members of the press and exhibitors attending SHOT Show. This year’s shoot-out happened on Monday, January 21st.

There were plenty of guns to shoot from, but three certainly stood out for me. Here they are:

1911 10mm Handguns

Jessica shooting one of the new 1911’s

Jessica shooting one of the new 1911’s

10 millimeter (mm) handguns are apparently making a comeback. We shot two of their new 10mm handguns at Range Day, and a 9mm. Jessica reminded me that two of the 10mm models were the TRP. Two recent 10mm models they released back in November were the 1911 TRP™ 10MM and Springfield Armory RO® Elite 10mm. Per the website, the latter is especially adaptable for competition, hunting, and personal defense

One of the unique features to the TRP’s were the laser sights. It allowed for improved accuracy when hitting the targets. For those with visual impairments, this could help them see their targets more.

Barrett MRAD Ambidextrous Bolt-Action Rifle

The new Barrett Rifle Multi-Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) bolt-action sniper rifle was one of my favorite things to test at Industry Range Day. Both Jessica and I shot it at 600, 900, and 1,100 yards—even beating out some guys who shot before us.

What makes this bolt action rifle unique is the ability for it to change between “8 calibers or multiple barrel lengths by simply loosening two bolts.


What I most enjoyed about shooting this rifle was that it was ambidextrous. I’m left-handed, so it’s increasingly important to me to see more of these products available on the market. I can shoot right-handed, but it’s always reassuring to have a make somewhat retrofitted for you. On their website, Barrett Rifles says this gun can be comfortable for shooters of all sizes and ability levels. Despite my short stature, I was able to have a comfortable long-distance shooting experience (see picture to the right).

I also liked that this gun had minimum recoil and maximum accuracy — especially when mounted with a scope. If you get a chance to shoot it this year, take the opportunity to try it out in a safe setting.

Action Target pressure sensitive autotargets

I was excited to some some airgun handguns aimed at hitting Action Target’s latest pressure sensitive AutoTargets. Due to the strong winds happening during Range Day, it was hard to use pellets as they were flying everywhere. Nevertheless, Action Target makes a quality steel targets for shooters of all experience levels.

These targets will sense impacts in the head, chest, and center mass when you’re doing target practice. When shooting then, you’ll hear a noticeable “ping!” sound alerting you hit it. That was not the case on Range Day since our airgun pellets weren’t properly firing. Not so much our fault, but just the weather conditions were less than satisfactory for optimal target shooting there compared to other stations.

Nevertheless, I’m continually impressed with ActionTarget’s technology. You will be too.


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